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Oregon Federation News
October 2020

A publication of the Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs

Printed 20 October 2020
President's Corner

As I write this, Oregon is dealing with wild fires and winds that have raised havoc with life and property. Air quality is poor and affects breathing and many other things. I’m sure many square dancers have stepped up to volunteer to help family, friends and neighbors through these troubling times. May we all keep the faith that times are going to get better. Pray for all those who have lost their homes and property. Along with the pandemic we are in this together.

As we all look forward to getting back to dancing we have many hurdles to get over first. There will be some changes in how we do things and I think we are all flexible enough to accept these challenges. Many festivals and weekend events will be cancelled or rescheduled. Speaking of rescheduling, if you have a festival coming up in your area and the timing is not right to hold it, think about rescheduling it at a later date if the logistics can be worked out. We will need those dancing opportunities once the green light is turned on that we are now safe and don’t have social distancing guidelines any more.

Keep a connection with your club to make sure all members that you don’t see are safe and in good health. Texting, emails and phone calls are all good to keep connected. Social media is also good.

I have picked a theme of “Swing Your Partner”. We all miss that as it was taken for granted when we were dancing all the time. Do it in your home often to keep in practice. Then do virtual swings with others you are close to. Send a virtual hug once in a while.

These are sure changing times and we will get through this together and our dancing community will have a different look as long as we can accept any changes.

“Swing Your Partner”
Gary Clark

Editor's Note

It's hard to imagine we could have so many disasters in one year. As I'm writing this, the sky is thick with smoke, and looks like the surface of Mars instead of the surface of the Earth. We're getting reports from dancers who have been burned out of their homes. Keep good thoughts in your heart.

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Federation Events

Coronavirus Update

Most of our square dance organizations have canceled dances, classes, meetings, and special events in response to the rapid spread of the coronavirus. We'll try to let you know when things start to open again.

Federation Meetings

The next Federation meeting was held by videoconference on September 20, where our new officers took over. Your new officers are:

Thanks to all these people for your service to the Federation.

Summer Festival

As of now, no Summer Festival is planned for 2021. Washington's Summer Festival is scheduled for June 17-19, 2021, in Everett, WA.


Oregon's Mid-Winter Festival 2021 will be held January 22, 23 and 24, 2021, at the Linn County Fairgrounds in Albany. At this time, they are still planning to go forward. A final decision will be made in October.

Other National Events

The 70th National Square Dance Convention® will be held in Jackson, Mississippi, June 23-26, 2021.

The 71st National Square Dance Convention® will be held in Evansville, Indiana, June 22-25, 2022.

The 72nd National Square Dance Convention® will be held in Mobile, Alabama, June 21-24, 2023.

The 73rd National Square Dance Convention has just been awarded to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for June of 2024.

Corporation Renewal Status

All clubs in the Oregon Federation are required to maintain their status as non-profit corporations with the State of Oregon. The Secretary of State's office mails out a renewal notice about a month before your registration expires every year. The following clubs expire this month:

October 3 -- Elkhorn Swingers
October 4 -- Dancing Friends
October 23 -- High Desert Dancers

When & Where

Download a complete list of the Federation club dances this month, all sorted by date and city.

Everything in the When & Where is extracted from the state directory information. If you find that your club information is wrong, you can fix that by going to the directory information area and fixing your data.


Available Callers & Cuers

You can download this list of callers and cuers who are available and ready to call or cue a dance for you.


Ian Craig
19598 Goose Lake Dr NE
Aurora, OR 97003
Mark Wheeler
6728 SE Woodstock Blvd
Portland, OR 97206
Cece & Sarge Glidewell
PO Box 1928
Klamath Falls, OR 97601
Henna Yauger
14915 SE Brookfield Dr
Oregon City, OR 97045


Cece & Sarge Glidewell
PO Box 1928
Klamath Falls, OR 97601
Joyce Hooper

Beaverton, OR 97005
Rikki Lobato
2230 SW Webster Rd
Grants Pass, OR 97526
Federation Links
Oregon Round of the Month

The Emerald Empire Council has chosen the October Oregon Round of the Month: "Don't We All Have The Right", Phase II+1 Waltz (Hover), choreographed by Diana & Jake Ring, music by Ricky Van Shelton.

Download your cue sheet here.

For more information on the Round of the Month, please contact .

Lessons starting in October and November

Please note that, due to the coronavirus, there will probably not be any square dance lessons this fall.

Everything in this section is taken from the state directory information. If you find that your class information is wrong, you can fix that by going to the directory information area and picking to the "Lessons" tab.

River City Dancers
Milwaukie Community Club
10666 SE 42nd Ave
November 9th 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM, Jamboree, November 3rd 6 to 8 PM lessons
Contact: Darrell & Erin Kalmbach 503-252-4853

Special Dances
October 9 (2nd Fri)
R Square D
Octoberfest Weekend
7:00-8:00 Pre-Rounds; 8:00-10:00 MS w/Rounds
Catlin Grange, Kelso
Caller: Craig Abercrombie; Adam Christman
Cuer: Susan Healea
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Councils & Clubs

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Blue Mountains Council
No council news received.
Elkhorn Swingers
No club news received.
LaGrande Star Promenaders
No club news received.
Muddy Frogs
No club news received.

Central Oregon Council - Link
No council news received.
High Desert Dancers
No club news received.
Red Rock Squares - Link
No club news received.
Sagebrush Shufflers - Link
No club news received.
Sundown Round Dance Club - Link
No club news received.

Emerald Empire Council - Link
No council news received.
Boots & Sandals - Link
No club news received.
Cascade Callers & Cuers Assoc
No club news received.
Cast A Shadow - Link
No club news received.
Misty Valley Cloggers
No club news received.
Single Trees - Link
No club news received.
Spin Cycle Squares - Link
No club news received.
Sweet Home Squarenaders
No club news received.
Whirl-A-Ways - Link
No club news received.
Wolf Pack - Link
No club news received.

Interstate Highlanders
No council news received.
Klamath Country Squares
No club news received.

Mid-Willamette Council - Link
Mid-Willamette Area Council is continuing to do business. Maybe not in the traditional way, but we are still up to date on items that need to be taken care of. There is only one club dancing in the council, ReVuNQ. (See their article below.)

The May Council meeting was held via email and dealt with various items that needed attention. In addition to their club reports, the club delegates were to respond to the items listed. We elected officers, got a count of directories, information needed for the next state meeting, and any other item that could not wait. The area directory is ready to be sent to the club delegates. The club reports were included in minutes that were produced and sent out. There was not much happening during the summer and we will meet in September to quickly install officers, distribute state directories, and have a small insurance training session when the new renewal papers are distributed.

So, even though there is not much happening, business does continue to be taken care of in a timely manner.

Braids & Braves
Still no indication when we might begin Square Dancing as usual but some are doing more Round Dancing and some are trying the single couple Square Dancing. I know I'm not the only one missing the friendly faces and warm hugs, and the festivals that won't be. We just keep following the health guidelines and learning new ways to stay connected as life changes; waiting for the time we can get squared up again. Happy Trails until then. Carmen
Capitol Callers & Cuers Assoc - Link
No club news received.
Cherry City Cloggers - Link
Unfortunately, there is nothing planned at this time for resuming clogging classes. It was thought that we would be able to start back up in September. But with the Governor extending the State of Emergency into November, we will not be able to resume classes until things change. It was also decided that we would obviously not be able to have a new beginner class for September. Until we can have more than 10 people in the Square Dance Center at any given time, classes of any kind will not be able to resume. Some cloggers are continuing to practice at home using online resources. At this point, our main goal once we resume classes will be to reconnect and maintain or regain the cloggers we have. Georganne
Corvallis Squares - Link
No club news received.
Golden Squares
No club news received.
Independence Wagon Wheelers - Link
The IWWPPA (Independence Wagon Wheelers Past Presidents Assoc.) had a small gathering to officially welcome Terry McCarty to the club. Terry graciously volunteered the use of her back yard and we were very careful to remain socially distant. How strange to not have the usual hugs. This is the first time we haven’t had a potluck at the gatherings, but maybe one of these days’ things will get back to normal and we can still do that.

Of course, we don’t even talk about getting back to dancing; don’t know when that will be but our members sure are anxious to get started. We may all have to take lessons again; hope we have good memories! Stay safe and stay well. LaVerne

Lebanon Square Circlers - Link
It’s been such a long time since we’ve been out on the dance floor with everyone. However, our club has had several gatherings – one at Ralston Park in Lebanon. It was a time for visiting and we observed social distancing. Our club also had a gathering/club meeting/potluck at Frank and Marianne Cawrse’s farm on Sunday before Labor Day. We’re looking forward to the time we can meet you all on the dance floor. Our members are all doing well. Hope you all stay well! Marilyn York
ORDTA - Link
No club news received.
Even though this article is for the October issue of the OFN, I am reporting on August happenings. We had a special Saturday afternoon round dance event with Randy Lewis with nine couples in attendance. It was a nice relaxed afternoon of dancing to Phase 2-3-4 level dances. There was enough spacing for everyone and there was a candy dish and lemonade to enjoy.

The club accepted the resignations of the club cuers for the last two years, Stephanie Lozano and Leonard Snodgrass, effective on August 31, 2020. The club has signed Randy Lewis to a four month contract to the end of December. Starting on September 10, he is teaching Bolero. We are looking forward to seeing some familiar faces along with some new ones for the class.

We start dancing at 7 p.m. now and dance until 9:30 p.m. See our flyer in the Sept. issue of the OFN. It will give you our schedule. Hope you will get to come and see us and join in on the fun and camaraderie of the dancers. Marilyn Schmit

Salem Swingin' Stars
No club news received.
Silver City Squares
Unfortunately, we are not dancing yet. But we have started having some Zoom meetings so that we can talk to club members face to face via computers and phones. We are doing separate meetings for our adults and our youth.

Right now, the teen festival is still being planned to happen (we really hope so!!) Not much else to report right now. Petrina Buchheit

Timber Twirlers - Link
No club news received.
Willamette Squares
No club news received.

Portland Area Council - Link
No council news received.
Bachelor N Bachelorettes - Link
No club news received.
Buzzin Bees
No club news received.
Chaps & Petticoats - Link
No club news received.
Country Cut-Ups - Link
The Country Cut-Ups want to extend their thoughts and prayers to those suffering through these unprecedented times of the corona virus pandemic and now the worst fire season that Oregon has seen. Some Cut-Ups have been forced to evacuate, including our club presidents, Robert and Young Lumsden from their home in Eagle Creek, near Estacada. Even our club workday for replacing some of the roof on our club-owned barn had to be postponed because of the fires and smoke. Our Round Dance Class has continued with some interruptions on Sunday nights and of course, square dancing is still on hold indefinitely. Our annual Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser that is held in October each year is cancelled this year. Everyone stay safe and we look forward to seeing you at the barn sometime soon.

Ron Rasmussen

Happy Hoppers - Link
All I can say is that I'm glad we're not trying to dance in this!!!

But we did have a lovely picnic one evening in August while respecting the social distance.

And last Monday Jim Hattrick was on deck via zoom to call one couple squares for "Let's Keep Hoppin'" with Tom and Liza Halpenny as hosts. I'm sorry that we missed it---we were out of town. But we'll see him and the rest of our square dancing friends this coming Monday evening.

Very sincere condolences to all who are being displaced by this terrible fire season. So thankful people are bringing resources together all over the NW to help.

Stay safe and breathe---shallowly.

Janet Linebarger

Heads to the Center - Link
No club news received.
Oaky Doaks - Link
No club news received.
River City Dancers - Link
Needless to say this has been a year unlike any other year for all of us. Dancing came to a halt for most of our clubs in late March or April due to COVID 19 and government guidelines concerning group gatherings and social distancing. . Our club has not yet resumed dancing and we are waiting until we can be assured that it will be both safe and allowed by our state regulations.

We are now being affected by fires, smoke and unhealthy air quality. Some have evacuated to safer locations. River City Dancers have been emailing and phoning members to keep in touch and just recently had a social meeting on Zoom. We discussed having zoom gatherings twice a month just to keep in touch. It was mentioned that we will probably need refresher classes when we are able to dance again. Several members spent time this summer fixing up our hall doing much needed repairs and re decorating. We are fortunate that we have a steady renter using our hall which helps support the hall.

We miss our fellow square dance friends and know that this is a difficult time for all of us. We hope that you will stay well and safe. Let us all pray for better days ahead.

Carol Mendenhall

Rosetown Ramblers - Link
No club news received.

October 10 (2nd Sat)
Regular Dance
Alternating Mainstream and Plus, 7:30 to 9:30
Oak Grove Community Club, Oak Grove
Caller: Richard Lane
Tumbleweeds - Link
No club news received.

Rogue-Sis-Q Council
No council news received.
Charlie Brown Squares - Link
We are still not dancing and miss all of our dancers and interactions. We hope everyone is doing well. We will not have new dancer classes in September; and hope that we can have them in January. Our only dance originally scheduled in October has been cancelled. Watch for updates on our website and Facebook page for any info on scheduled November events.
No club news received.
Star Promenaders - Link
The Stars are still in a holding pattern. We are trying to overcome the smoke. We will be having a benefit "something" for the dancers who have lost their homes in the fires in Southern Oregon. At this point, mostly monetary donations, since they have no permanent place to store "Stuff". We are grateful that our hall was spared in the fire.

South Coast Council
No council news received.
Beachcombers - Link
No club news received.
Crook County Mavericks
No club news received.
Saints-N-Aints - Link
No club news received.
Sets In Order - Link
No club news received.

Tualatin Valley Council - Link
Although the TVC has not had an actual meeting, we are still active to the extent that restrictions allow. One of our clubs is round dancing with strict requirements. Hopefully there will be an approved vaccine by the end of the end of the year and restrictions will decrease.

Some clubs were struggling before the pandemic and are now faced with potential financial problems. All clubs and councils have fixed costs; annual corporation renewal, insurance requirements, internet domain costs, and Federation or Council fees, to name a few. Club members may want to renew their membership, even if we are not dancing, to support your club. Your board members need to continue with the tasks of being a business even when we are not dancing.

Remember, the "Seaside Sashay" to be held in late October and hosted by the TVC Promenaders and Hayshakers had to be cancelled due to Covid-19 concerns.

Happy Halloween or maybe not, since there will be no trick or treating. Please stay safe until we can meet on the dance floor again.

Ferrous Steinka

Columbia River Dancers - Link
No club news received.
Eager Beavers - Link
Do you remember seeing the cartoons where a monk type figure is carrying a sign telling us “THE END IS NEAR’? There is more than one way to interpret that. Is the world being destroyed or does it mean the present crises is ending soon. Since I am an optimist I bet on the latter. How about you? I just want to go back to dancing and catching up with all my friends. So, everyone, do your part and wear a mask to protect yourself and your friends from the virus. I am not too crazy about being the first in line to test a vaccine.

While you are not out dancing take a look at what it going on in the political world. Be careful to make sure young children are not in the room. Some of the language used is not fit for person or beast. Some people I would not even invite to my bar-b-q and I certainly would not vote for them. But voting is important. I do care about the options and I never agree 100% with anyone but I figure the 80/20 rule a pretty good one to follow. If I can agree 80% of the time I might vote for them. So, consider your options, do not believe the pundits who get paid for their opinions, and sometimes listen to people who disagree with you. Sometimes even I learn something.

Wish I had the magic wand to magically wave the virus away so I could see all of you out dancing. Keep checking for our start date at www.EagerBeavers.info.

Rachel Nettleton

Hayshakers - Link
No club news received.
Hoedowners - Link
No club news received.
Mix N Mingle - Link
The Winona Grange in Tualatin has just turned 125! Unfortunately, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the party that they had planned has been postponed and they have decided to wait to reschedule it at a later date. The Winona Grange is the place we’ve called “home” for the last 35 years and they have been very good to us. We’ll look forward to that belated special celebration but we won’t wait until then to send them our good wishes and hopes for many more years to come.

Happy Birthday Winona Grange!

We will keep you updated on calendar changes thru this OFN report as well as our website: www.mixandminglesquares.org

Lindie Noonan

Oak Hills Squares - Link
No club news received.
R Square D - Link
We search our memories for things to write about, but, alas the search comes back void. R Square D hopes for safe, healthy dancers ready for the next tip. R [] D

Annie Tietze

October 9 (2nd Fri)
Octoberfest Weekend
7:00-8:00 Pre-Rounds; 8:00-10:00 MS w/Rounds
Catlin Grange, Kelso
Caller: Craig Abercrombie; Adam Christman
Cuer: Susan Healea
View Flyer

October 24 (4th Sat)
Regular Dance
Sunset Promenaders - Link
No club news received.

October 24 (4th Sat)
Cancelled Seaside Sashay
8:00 AM
View Flyer
Toe Draggers - Link
No club news received.
Tri Squares - Link
Tri Squares members had a "jamboree" on August 17th, over Zoom. (Who would have ever imagined all this a year ago?) Many of us participated and talked with each other, while our member Charles McAuley regaled us with his wonderful songs on the acoustic guitar. Normally in August we would have been picnicking together at a beautiful park while he softly played his music, so it elicited pretty nice memories, and it was great to see each other and to catch up. Here's hoping that next summer we can all be picnicking and dancing together again. Think positive! Keep those muscles working! And be safe!

Gloria Davis

Valley River Dancers - Link
No club news received.
Valley Squares - Link
No club news received.
Wave Steppers - Link
No club news received.

Umpqua Area Council - Link
No council news received.
Buckeroo - Link
No club news received.
Dancing Friends - Link
No club news received.
Timber 8's - Link
No club news received.

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