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Oregon Federation News
December 2020

A publication of the Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs

Printed 20 December 2020
President's Corner

Federation Presidents Message For December 2020

December is a month for celebrations and Holiday Parties. With the pandemic that we are in, my wish is that each of you can find a way with family and friends to be joyous and celebrate the Christmas Season. The dances we would have had this time of the year will just have to wait until next year, but don’t lose the spirit. I would have loved to visit your clubs festivities this time of year, but it will have to wait. We will be dancing again!!!

As the Federation would like to see things back to normal, there are some things that couples and singles can do during this time. Following the Governor’s guidelines along with the posted Federation’s guidelines, investigate some round dancing that is going on, or a class. With a safe venue and masks that could be a fun activity. Why doesn’t someone start up some line dancing? That should be fun while practicing safe distance. If any of these appeals to you, check it out for fun and exercise. There are positive outcomes with being active again.

Some callers are getting together on Zoom to discuss how square dancing will get started again. Social Square Dancing will take off with lessons as soon as the Governor’s rules change to allow it. These callers are looking to be unified in lessons so these new club members can visit other clubs and dance with calls they have all learned. There will be more info on this. Clubs, talk to your callers to be prepared with a plan once square dancing opens up.

As we look forward to 2021 with a positive outlook that dancing will start again, let’s keep in touch with the rest of your club members and plan some activity within the guidelines to allow everyone the opportunity and the chance to socialize. It might be fun to guess who’s behind a creative mask. Make it a fun event for young and old alike.

Stay positive and we will get through this.


Gary Clark
Federation President

Editor's Note

Here in the middle of the holiday season, I do want to give thanks to all of you who keep submitting news and articles. In my opinion, the more we can keep on doing things like usual, the quicker we will be able to return to normal once restrictions are limited.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hannukah, and a Joyous New Year.

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Federation Events

Coronavirus Update

Most of our square dance organizations have canceled dances, classes, meetings, and special events in response to the rapid spread of the coronavirus. We'll try to let you know when things start to open again.

You may find the text of this article by Federation 2nd Vice President Tim Keck, and useful pages from the State of Oregon and from USDA, https://ofn.club/content/2020-12/Covid%20Guidelines%20(201201).pdf .

State Directory Corrections

Inevitably, as soon as the state directory is published, corrections have to be made. Here is the current list.

Federation Meetings

The next Federation meeting will be a Zoom teleconference on January 24, 2021, at 9:00 AM. The Randall Award winner will be announced at that time.


We are sad to report that we are going to have to officially cancel Mid Winter Festival 2021. We are unable to guarantee that Linn county will be in stage 3 by January. So, we will miss everyone but looking forward to seeing you in January, 2022.

Summer Festival

As of now, no Summer Festival is planned for 2021. Washington's Summer Festival is scheduled for June 17-19, 2021, in Everett, WA.

Other National Events

The 70th National Square Dance Convention® will be held in Jackson, Mississippi, June 23-26, 2021.

The 71st National Square Dance Convention® will be held in Evansville, Indiana, June 22-25, 2022.

The 72nd National Square Dance Convention® will be held in Mobile, Alabama, June 21-24, 2023.

The 73rd National Square Dance Convention® has just been awarded to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for June of 2024.

Corporation Renewal Status

All clubs in the Oregon Federation are required to maintain their status as non-profit corporations with the State of Oregon. The Secretary of State's office mails out a renewal notice about a month before your registration expires every year. The following clubs expire this month:

December 1 -- Charlie Brown Squares
December 1 -- Wolf Pack
December 5 -- Red Rock Squares
December 17 -- Sunset Promenaders
December 27 -- Silver City Squares
December 28 -- Buckeroo

When & Where

Download a complete list of the Federation club dances this month, all sorted by date and city.

Everything in the When & Where is extracted from the state directory information. If you find that your club information is wrong, you can fix that by going to the directory information area and fixing your data.


Available Callers & Cuers

You can download this list of callers and cuers who are available and ready to call or cue a dance for you.


Ian Craig
19598 Goose Lake Dr NE
Aurora, OR 97003
Mark Wheeler
6728 SE Woodstock Blvd
Portland, OR 97206
Cece & Sarge Glidewell
PO Box 1928
Klamath Falls, OR 97601
Henna Yauger
14915 SE Brookfield Dr
Oregon City, OR 97045


Cece & Sarge Glidewell
PO Box 1928
Klamath Falls, OR 97601
Joyce Hooper

Beaverton, OR 97005
Rikki Lobato
2230 SW Webster Rd
Grants Pass, OR 97526
Federation Links
Oregon Round of the Month

The Mid-Willamette Council has chosen the December Round of the Month: "You're Like an Angel To Me", Phase II+1 Two-Step (interrupted box), choreographed by Connie Ritchie, music by Bouke Scholten.

[Download your cue sheet here] (https://www.roundalab.org/CuesheetsDL2/You%27re%20Like%20An%20Angel%20To%20Me%2C%20Ritchie%2C%20Connie_Waltz_2%2B1.pdf).

For more information on the Round of the Month, please contact .

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Councils & Clubs

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Blue Mountains Council
No council news received.
Elkhorn Swingers
No club news received.
LaGrande Star Promenaders
No club news received.
Muddy Frogs
No club news received.

Central Oregon Council - Link
No council news received.
High Desert Dancers
No club news received.
Red Rock Squares - Link
No club news received.
Sagebrush Shufflers - Link
No club news received.
Sundown Round Dance Club - Link
No club news received.

Emerald Empire Council - Link
No council news received.
Boots & Sandals - Link
No club news received.
Cascade Callers & Cuers Assoc
Our next scheduled dance is January 30, 2021, but with Mid-Winter being cancelled I doubt we'll be able to hold a dance here in Springfield. Very sad but prudent.

Stay healthy, everyone, and continue being safe!


Christina Corelli, Secretary

Cast A Shadow - Link
Like many other clubs in Oregon we are on hold waiting for the day when we can resume dancing once or twice a month in Hall B at the Emerald Square Dance Center. Until there is a vaccine available to all—possibly by late spring—we will not be dancing.

Our elected officers all agreed to stay in place for the coming dance year.

We don’t have any news to report. As far as we know all are well and hunkering down in place.

Stay safe,

Gaynor Hintz, Club Reporter

Misty Valley Cloggers
No club news received.
Single Trees - Link
No dance news to report as we haven’t had a dance since we got shut down last March. We had a get together in September which was enjoyed by all who attended. Perhaps we’ll need to schedule another one—it’ll have to be indoors and warm though as the weather has sure changed.

Stay safe and watch some square dance videos to keep those calls fresh in your mind. We will get back to dancing!

Gaynor Hintz, Club Reporter

Spin Cycle Squares - Link
We are now renting the hall so we can visit and still practice social distancing where it is warm and dry--no dancing though. The ceiling in our hall is quite high, and the hall is big enough to socially distance quite easily.

We learned that one of our local square and round dancers, Sue Nelson, recently passed away from cancer. She was a cancer survivor too and had participated in the Relay for Life a number of times. We are so sorry. We keep her husband, Terry, in our thoughts. They came to dance with us, supported us, and were much appreciated. Sue and Terry supported all of the clubs in our area and enjoyed going to festivals too. They especially enjoyed going to the coast for festivals and to Diamond Lake. Sue's parents, Jim and Fern Rundall danced for many years up to the C-2 level. Sue leaves behind two daughters, their husbands and a granddaughter, Pearl. Their dog, Kona, was trained by Sue. They were able to compete in dog trials. Our condolences go out to the family.

Tim Matteson's mom is hanging in there and has a caregiver during the week when Tim is working at the chocolate factory. She is slowly regaining strength.

Stay safe and healthy,

Christina Corelli, Member-At-Large

Sweet Home Squarenaders
No club news received.
Whirl-A-Ways - Link
No club news received.
Wolf Pack - Link
No club news received.

Interstate Highlanders
No council news received.
Klamath Country Squares
No club news received.

Mid-Willamette Council - Link
No council news received.
Braids & Braves
No club news received.
Capitol Callers & Cuers Assoc - Link
No club news received.
Cherry City Cloggers - Link
No club news received.
Corvallis Squares - Link
No club news received.
Golden Squares
From Golden Squares - We wish everyone a blessed Christmas and holiday season. We hope you are all safe, happy, and healthy. We look forward to the day we can dance again! Merry Christmas. Teija Danskey
Independence Wagon Wheelers - Link
No club news received.
Lebanon Square Circlers - Link
Although our club members are still observing all the mandates of the pandemic, we miss the fellowship of dancing. We have tried to keep in touch with one another by Zoom, small gatherings, and phone calls.

If you visit Lebanon during the holidays, you will see the beautifully decorated Ralston Park (thousands of lights). It is our club tradition to decorate the corner of this park and we are planning to do this again. The Lebanon Square Circlers have participated in this community event for over 10 years. Our club members remain safe and look forward to seeing everyone in a square again. Marilyn York

ORDTA - Link
No club news received.
First of all, hoping that those who are reading this are anticipating some kind of holiday with family in a safe manner. Our club continues to dance on Thursday’s and learning Bolero rhythm and getting some floor time with other rhythms.

We have lost a few dancers because of the mask requirement and they won’t return until the requirement is eased by the dance center board. Hopefully that is soon. They had a board meeting in November and don’t know the result yet.

We had a special Saturday afternoon dance on November 7, with a small attendance but had fun anyway. We are scheduled for a New Year’s Eve dance, but no plans are in cement yet. That will be worked on in the next couple weeks.

2020 has been an exasperating year for many. We are grateful to be dancing and so far no one has gotten sick. We take care of the hall and get it disinfected each time we are there. Let’s hope we continue to stay well in 2021. Marilyn Schmit

Salem Swingin' Stars
No club news received.
Silver City Squares
We have been trying to do Zoom meetings with members. We recently had two meetings - one with just the youth and one for all members. Nothing else is happening.

Petrina Buchheit

Timber Twirlers - Link
No club news received.
Willamette Squares
No club news received.

Portland Area Council - Link
Our group insurance renewals have been processed and will be sent to State Insurance Chairman Marilyn Schmit very soon.

Past President Keith Miles, along with caller K.C. Curtis are recovering from COVID-19. Caller Jim Hattrick has been in the hospital for gall bladder problems.

Mary Theirl has accepted an appointment as the new Sunshine person.

There was a discussion about what clubs are doing to keep member’s interested in dancing and reestablish membership. Frankly, many clubs don’t know how many will return to dancing once it is permitted. Some of our clubs have had Zoom meetings (to keep the interest). The Rosetown Ramblers have had city walks. The Hoppers have done some virtual line dance lessons.

A short discussion was about in person round dance lessons, which are still happening. Round dancing is somewhat problematical because, ideally, the round dancers would be living together, but some of the round dancers aren’t living together. Everyone dances at their own risk, however.

Later on, we’ll need to address restarting square lessons. The thinking is that we all could use refresher lessons, and the PAC would be in the best position to have those lessons for the clubs. We’ll need to get a slate of guest callers to give the lessons.

We will not be having a Christmas dinner this year.

Jim Schira

Bachelor N Bachelorettes - Link
There’s probably no dancing well into next year, and we didn’t have the heart to enforce dues to a dance club that isn’t dancing. So, what we did was to waive dues for our fiscal year ending March. That means that for those who actually paid dues (about half our club), they’ll have their memberships extended until March, 2022.


Buzzin Bees
No club news received.
Chaps & Petticoats - Link
December already? Looking back, 2020 has been an alternative universe year - the Chaps and Petticoats were active square dancers for only two months (January and February) of this COVID year. All of us have been innocent bystanders while we watched local, state and national dance and entertainment events CANCEL, like dominoes collapsing.

Our dance hall at Maplewood Grange became a staging area - a place to store furniture, wall hangings and other furnishings while the foyer, stairwells, hallways, air ducts (etc.) were revamped or made new. The volunteers for these renovations were the Chaps and Petticoats members, also your community grange members. On a happy note, we are proud and can hardly wait to show off Maplewood Grange’s new face lift.

September is normally a month to renew our Club memberships - though we’ve had no dancing, and only occasional get-togethers - participation has been waning, and so are membership renewals. We remain a group of interested dancers, enthusiastic neighbors - though the unknown keeps us and finances close at home.

Speaking of home, our hearts go out to those who lost their homes, possessions, animals and even loved ones to this years’ wildfires. The greatest blessing is we have each other...

May you end this year with renewed hope, find yourselves blessed, and have the merriest of Holidays!

In 2021, put on your shoes and let’s go dancing .. soon!

Betty Chipps

Country Cut-Ups - Link
The Country Cut-Ups own their own dance hall so they don't have to be concerned with their Grange Hall being closed due to Covid. The club has scheduled two dances that are round dance only that comply with Clackamas County and Oregon state rules with regard to Covid. We are limited to 25 people in the building, so twelve couples and the cuer. We have it set up that everyone must come with their own partner, dance only with that partner and remain six feet distancing while dancing. The first dance was Saturday, November 7th. There were nine couples in attendance. The next dance is Saturday, December 5th. That dance is subject to be canceled, of course, as the virus has worsened and the state is mandating stricter guidelines. If the flyer and dance information is still up on the OFN, it is still planned. Text Young Lumsden, info on the flyer, for information and reservations.

Ron Rasmussen

December 5 (1st Sat)
Round Dance
Happy Hoppers - Link
The happy Hoppers are still treading water here in Vancouver, WA. We have members who are continually striving to engage our dancers and none more so than Tom and Liza Halpenny. Their "Let's Keep Hoppin" zoom lessons are a hit with about 16 people/couples. We also have folks who are trying to engage members with email updates and inquiries about how folks are managing and some are responding to those emails. Still no word on when we may be expected to dance again with each other---and not just virtually.

If there is anyone out there who would like to be on the email list for "Let's Keep Hoppin" you can reach out to Tom and Liza. Tom is the secretary of our club and his contact info is in the new directory. In the meantime, stay healthy and active. We'll see you on the other side:-)

Janet Linebarger

Heads to the Center - Link
No club news received.
Oaky Doaks - Link
No club news received.
River City Dancers - Link
Due to the increased COVID-19 cases in our area, we, like everyone else, are still not dancing. Social gatherings and even our holidays have changed as a result.

We at River City Dancers want to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy holiday season. , and express our best wishes for the New year. We hold on to the hope that will be dancing again soon.

A final word to you all “Stay positive and test negative”. Hopefully this shall pass and we will once again be together.

Carol Mendenhall

Rosetown Ramblers - Link
No club news received.

December 12 (2nd Sat)

Alternating Mainstream and Plus, 7:30 to 9:30
Oak Grove Community Club, Oak Grove
Caller: Ian Craig
Tumbleweeds - Link
No club news received.

Rogue-Sis-Q Council
We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and holiday season. We look forward to when we can return to dancing---what a party that will be. No council dances scheduled at this time. The next one on the books is our annual Pajamarama Dance in January. Watch for updates to follow.
Charlie Brown Squares - Link
We wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season. We sure miss our dancers; and look forward to the day when we get back to it!! We are still in a holding pattern; with hopes for January classes - but not sure yet if that will happen. We are still planning for our wonderful Boatnik Festival Memorial Weekend with Jet Roberts & Rey(Sherry) Garza - will be a wonderful time. Please put on your calendar. Look forward to when we can see everyone.

December 5 (1st Sat)
53rd Birthday Dance

December 19 (3rd Sat)
Ugly Sweater Dance
We are sad to inform our fellow dancers that long time member Dave Franklin passed away Nov 5, 2020. Dave and Su have been members of our club since our inception, and were charter members. Both Dave and Su served as officers and board members; helping create and organize the Gold Diggers Dance and worked at our "Pepsi Booth" at the Siskiyou Co. fair. Dave designed and built the first "Pepsi Booth" which is still in use at the fairgrounds during their daily operations. As with many members they both donated countless hours as members and "angels" Dave loved wood working. Both Dave and Su were avid bicyclist, sometimes biking 20 to 30 or more miles per day. They traveled through out the United States attending many festivals dancing and biking at everyone. Among their favorites were Diamond Lake, Boatnick. and most recently the Royal Romp. Sherrie and I have personally known them over 50 years, and will sadly miss seeing and dancing with them. I think the last time we saw them was at our birthday dance called by Eric Henerlau. Due to Covid restrictions no services are planned. If you would like to send a card or contact Su, she has asked that you please contact Sherrie or I for that info.

At this time we still have no plans to start dancing or holding classes until January, or possibly later if the current restrictions stay in place and numbers keep rising. We certainly miss dancing and visiting with fellow friends and dancers, but do not want to take any risks.

We want to wish everyone a safe, healthy, and happy holiday seasons.


Star Promenaders - Link
The Stars are in a holding pattern with the latest restrictions. We miss everyone and look forward to when everything is back to normal!! We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and wonderful holiday season. We are actively planning for Diamond Lake 2021--4th weekend of July with the wonderful Ray Brendzy(and family) and Christina Corelli cueing!! Please put on your calendar. We hope to start classes in January - and look forward to that!!

South Coast Council
No council news received.
Beachcombers - Link
No club news received.
Crook County Mavericks
No club news received.
Saints-N-Aints - Link
No club news received.
Sets In Order - Link
No club news received.

Tualatin Valley Council - Link
The TVC is busy coordinating the Federation insurance requirements for our member clubs. Thank you Marilyn Schmit for your help with this at the state level, TVC State Delegate Josie Rosenbury, TVC Treasurer Tammy LeBlanc, and all the club officers who are working hard to make this happen. With Covid restrictions there have been very few meetings of club members other than Zoom etc. Most clubs have seen a decline in their membership. Hopefully, those who have chosen to not renew their memberships will come back when this pandemic is under control.

Last month I included a "blast from the past", an excerpt of a past TVC report. I was surprised to receive several favorable comments so here is another, this time from December 2015:

"On October 31st, Halloween night, the annual Tri Council Dance was held at the Clark County Square Dance Center in Vancouver. As you may recall, that day, and night, was a rain filled adventure for any of those who decided to brave the elements. One would expect the Portland Area Council (PAC) to have the best attendance since the PAC was the host Council this year. If not the PAC then surely the Evergreen Council would have a bunch since the venue is in their back yard. But, it turns out the TVC had the greatest number of dancers in attendance at this fun packed evening called by Darrell Kalmbach and cued by Molly Combs.

The next Council event will be our annual New Year’s Eve dance on December 31st, held at the IOOF Hall, 267 East Main Street, Hillsboro, OR 97123. Doug Davis is the featured caller with Randy Lewis cueing. This is a ticket sale dance. They can be purchased in advance through TVC officers, or club delegates at each of the TVC clubs. Ticket sales are going well so you need to get yours soon. The evening will begin with a lasagna dinner at 7:30 with dancing from 8:30PM until about 12:15AM. Every 3rd tip will be Plus followed by intermediate rounds. One tip will be called after midnight. Ticket costs: $13 per person or $25 when two are purchased at the same time."

Ferrous Steinka

Columbia River Dancers - Link
No club news received.
Eager Beavers - Link
How many things are you putting on your Christmas List? Did you utter a Thank You for all the people you appreciate on Thanksgiving? for your food and shelter? your and your family’s health? employment? unemployment checks? Many will have their own thank you for something special that has happened or not happened this year. Now make your Christmas List for something that really matters to you, something that brings a spark of joy. If you do not celebrate Christmas then just celebrate the season as humans have done for thousands of years because they knew that Spring would be coming soon.

Aren’t you thankful the election mess is over? All that money spent could be better used to improve healthcare, education, and battle climate change. These are serious problems that are killing us. It is stressful to wait for results but that comes with the territory if you want a fair election. In a dictatorship the outcome is known.

OK, I know, I am supposed to writing about the Eager Beavers and their dance plans. However, we are all hunkered down in our own little circle with masks and outdoor seating 6 feet apart, passing cookies using tongs. I think you could make a song with that.

Please show your appreciation for everyone who is doing their part by wearing masks, washing hands, and keeping six feet apart. They keep themselves and others from getting sick from Covid19. It is a constant effort but these efforts can also protect us from the flu. You are caring for others as you hope they care for you. Thank you again. We will be dancing again! Keep the faith and keep checking for our start date at www.EagerBeavers.info.

Rachel Nettleton

December 21 (3rd Mon)
Merry Christmas
After Covid we will dance every Monday again
Caller: Hattrick, Clendenin & Kalmbach
View Flyer
Hayshakers - Link
No club news received.
Hoedowners - Link
October is now in the history books. It was just a few days ago I need to check something in my calendar history from January. I looked back at my calendar and was saddened to see how full my social calendar was and how empty it looks now. Holidays were posted in green, Hoedowner activities in yellow, social activities in blue, family activities in red, Grange activities in orange, one-time activities in purple. It is hard to remember just how full our lives were with things to do and people to see, mostly connected with square dancing and our square dance friends, Mid-Winter for heaven’s sake!!

In my voluminous spare time, I decided to make a list of the movies featuring square dancing. Anyone heard of Square Dance Jubilee? It was a 1949 release: a bit of romance with murder, cattle rustling, and music mixed in. Its tagline? “Come on everybody! For the time of your life—get set to enjoy the grandest array pf hoedown entertainment ever assembled in one big happy hit!” Recommended for a glimpse of typical 1950’s idea of western wear. Available on YouTube.

Of course, there’s 1955’s Oklahoma, a magical movie translation of Rogers and Hammerstein Broadway hit; choreography by Agnes de Mille. On a summer’s morning it’s hard not to at least hum “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” It has romance, dastardly deeds, a floozy, a hunk, farmers vs ranchers and Aunt Eller, everyone needs an Aunt Eller. Available on multiple platforms and even occasionally on the big screen.

Oh, there is Square Dance from 1987. A coming of age story with Winona Ryder as the ingénue and Rob Lowe as the fiddle player. The actors are both still going strong 33 years later. I am not so sure about the film. The DVD is available from online retailers.

And finally, the big shocker, The Stepford Wives from 2004. The connection is just one scene where the couples are square dancing and Glenn Close is the caller. I have never seen what happens in real life but who knows. The movie is available on many platforms, but you can see just the square dance scene on YouTube.

Square dance clubs have posted a multitude of square dance videos so you can dance at home with just a little imagination and avoid six-guns, conflict, teenage angst and Glen Close.

Hope your Halloween was great, full of pumpkin spice and chocolate treats.

Krystal Laas

Mix N Mingle - Link
Covid has certainly made it easy for everyone to put together their wish list for Santa this year! And it’s also given us a whole new perspective on the phrase, “happy new year”. But even with all that has transpired over the last many months, we shouldn’t forget to can count our blessings because as they say, there’s ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS something to be thankful for.

We will keep you updated on calendar changes thru this OFN report as well as our website: www.mixandminglesquares.org

Lindie Noonan

Oak Hills Squares - Link
No club news received.
R Square D - Link
Nothing to report other than to say Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Most sincerely,

Annie Tietze

December 11 (2nd Fri)
Toy Dance
Sunset Promenaders - Link
No club news received.
Toe Draggers - Link
No club news received.
Tri Squares - Link
No club news received.
Valley River Dancers - Link
We at Valley River Dancers miss all of our square dancing and round dancing friends. It has been a long time since we have been able to see you.

Wishing all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Judy Zimmerman

Valley Squares - Link
Valley Squares will, unfortunately, still be closed until things greatly improve. Everyone take care, think positive and I'm looking forward to dancing with you when this virus is finely under control.

Carolene Siebert

Wave Steppers - Link
No club news received.

Umpqua Area Council - Link
No council news received.
Buckeroo - Link
No club news received.
Dancing Friends - Link
No club news received.
Timber 8's - Link
No club news received.

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