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Oregon Federation News
May 2021

A publication of the Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs

Printed 20 May 2021
President's Corner

Well things might be looking up but there are still some hurdles to jump over and hoops to get through. The pandemic continues and every two weeks our Governor has changes for each County. Check for the updates frequently and act accordingly. We don’t want to be out of compliance with the guidelines. If you are thinking of opening your dance venue to hold Round or Square dancing, please take a look at the Federation Guidelines that are posted on the Federation web site (https://squaredance.gen.or.us/). They are a compilation of the State directives related to our activity. They can be downloaded as a PDF file. Thanks to Tim Keck for his effort in making sure we have some data to follow in beginning dancing again. This will open up the info that you seek. Read it all. The last three pages are examples of waivers for your use when you start dancing. These are required for reading and signing in for the dances so that everyone is aware of their responsibilities and is a good way to track contacts if there is an outbreak from the dance. If you have any questions please contact Timothy Keck (tjkeck@outlook.com) if you need further information.

Social Square Dancing (SSD) is a new buzz word being talked about and a lot of the state’s callers and other dancers are getting involved. SSD is a short course (12 weeks) teaching mainstream. Get as much information as you can and discuss this with your club and caller. Choosing to use the SSD teaching method is a group decision and it would be a good idea if some of the other clubs in your area consider it, if your club wants to do it. Here is a link for more information http://callerlabknowledge.org/?s=SSD.

We are all in this together and whether or not if you received the vaccine, I know we all miss the social aspect that dancing provided.

Swing Your Partner

Gary Clark, Federation President

Editor's Note

As the vaccination rate starts to improve, we are getting closer to restarting square dancing. If I were a betting man, I'd bet most clubs will be operating again in September. As I mentioned last month, when your club decides to open up again, let me know. We will all have to relearn our habits of creating and distributing flyers. I can make that a bit easier by "filling in" your regular dances in advance, but I don't want to start that until most clubs are running again.

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Federation Events

Coronavirus Update

Most of our square dance organizations have canceled dances, classes, meetings, and special events in response to the rapid spread of the coronavirus. We'll try to let you know when things start to open again.

Here is a useful article about the COVID restrictions, written and maintained by Federation 2nd Vice President Tim Keck, with useful pages from the State of Oregon and from USDA: https://ofn.club/content/2021-05/Covid%20Guidelines%20(210505).pdf .

Federation Meetings

The next Federation meeting will be a Zoom teleconference on May 16, 2021, at 9:00 AM. The results of the officer elections for 2021-22 will be announced.

Summer Festival

There will be no Oregon Summer Festival in 2021. Washington's Summer Festival is scheduled for June 17-19, 2021, in Everett, WA.


Mid-Winter Festival 2022 is scheduled for January 28-30, 2022, at the Linn County Fairgrounds in Albany.

Other National Events

The Silver State Festival, a favorite of Oregon dancers, is having a virtual festival on Saturday, May 8, with all 2-couple dancing, using their regularly scheduled callers. Sounds like a fun idea. Here's the flyer. You can register for free at (https://tinyurl.com/SilverStateFestival2021).

The latest news about the National Square Dance Conventions® is located in the National Squares magazine, produced by the NEC. You can find the latest issue here: (http://nsdcnec.com/flipdocs/NatSqOnline/Natsq1120/index.html)

The 70th National Square Dance Convention® will be held in Jackson, Mississippi, June 23-26, 2021. This event is still scheduled to happen.

The 71st National Square Dance Convention® will be held in Evansville, Indiana, June 22-25, 2022.

The 72nd National Square Dance Convention® will be held in Mobile, Alabama, June 21-24, 2023.

The 73rd National Square Dance Convention® has just been awarded to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for June of 2024.

Corporation Renewal Status

All clubs in the Oregon Federation are required to maintain their status as non-profit corporations with the State of Oregon. The Secretary of State's office mails out a renewal notice about a month before your registration expires every year. The following clubs expire this month:

May 3 -- Country Cut-Ups
May 6 -- Whirl-A-Ways
May 8 -- Timber 8's
May 15 -- Bachelor N Bachelorettes
May 15 -- River City Dancers
May 26 -- South Coast Council

When & Where

Download a complete list of the Federation club dances this month, all sorted by date and city.

Everything in the When & Where is extracted from the state directory information. If you find that your club information is wrong, you can fix that by going to the directory information area and fixing your data.

Available Callers & Cuers

You can download this list of callers and cuers who are available and ready to call or cue a dance for you.


Ian Craig
19598 Goose Lake Dr NE
Aurora, OR 97003
Mark Wheeler
6728 SE Woodstock Blvd
Portland, OR 97206
Cece & Sarge Glidewell
PO Box 1928
Klamath Falls, OR 97601
Henna Yauger
14915 SE Brookfield Dr
Oregon City, OR 97045


Cece & Sarge Glidewell
PO Box 1928
Klamath Falls, OR 97601
Rikki Lobato
2230 SW Webster Rd
Grants Pass, OR 97526
Oregon Round of the Month

The Tualatin Valley Council has chosen the May Round of the Month: "Thinkin' of a Rendezvous", Phase II+1 Two-Step (strolling vine), choreographed by ron & Georgine Woolcock, music by Johnny Duncan. Set speed to 50 RPM.

[Download your cue sheet here] (https://www.roundalab.org/CuesheetsDL2/THINKIN%27%20ABOUT%20A%20RENDEZVOUS%2C%20Woolcock%2C%20R%26G__2%2B1.pdf).

For more information on the Round of the Month, please contact .

Special Dances
July 21 (3rd Wed)
Star Promenaders
48th Diamond Lake Festival
Diamond Lake, Diamond Lake
Caller: Ray Brendzy, Nicholas & Caitlyn Brendzy
Cuer: Christina Corelli
View Flyer
January 9 (2nd Sun)
Lebanon Square Circlers
Birthday Dance
Strawberry Shortcake
IOOF Hall, Lebanon
Caller: Charlotte Jeskey
Cuer: Jackie Gale
View Flyer
April 8 (2nd Fri)
Rogue-Sis-Q Council
Pear Blossom Square Dance Festival
Rogue Valley Square Dance Center, Medford
Caller: Mike Haworth
Cuer: Rikki Lobato
View Flyer
June 4 (1st Sat)
Lebanon Square Circlers
Strawberry Festival ALLIANCE Dance
Silent Auction, Experienced Clothing Sale
Lebanon Senior Center, Lebanon
Caller: Dan Nordbye
Cuer: Jackie Gale

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Councils & Clubs

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Blue Mountains Council
No council news received.
Muddy Frogs
No club news received.

Central Oregon Council - Link
No council news received.
High Desert Dancers
No club news received.
Red Rock Squares - Link
No club news received.
Sagebrush Shufflers - Link
No club news received.
Sundown Round Dance Club - Link
No club news received.

Emerald Empire Council - Link
No council news received.
Cascade Callers & Cuers Assoc
O­ur next scheduled 5th Saturday dance is supposed to be May 29, but we will see if things have settled down, dancers have gotten their COVID vaccines and the hall board has okayed renting again.  We'll hope for the best.  It's been a year, hasn't it?  Friendships have flourished with social medium though.  We'll keep you all posted.

The one after this one in May will be July 31, 2021.

Christina Corelli, Secretary of CCCA

Keep on calling, cueing and teaching for FUN

Cast A Shadow - Link
Like so many other clubs across the nation and the world, we have no danced in over a year now. We are trying to organize and see how many dancers would like to get back to dancing. If enough are interested and willing, we will try to get the word out.

We dance in Hall B at the Emerald Square Dance Center in Springfield which is located behind the big building at 20th and Yolanda. We dance to recorded music and top-notch callers.

This reporter had the opportunity to do some virtual advanced dancing with a friend to assess whether I needed to take lessons again or not. I then went down on the second Friday in April and danced at the Pear Blossom Festival to Charlie Robertson’s fine calling. We did an hour of advanced, mixing and mingling with dancers from as far away as Seattle. What a blast! I don’t need to take lessons again after all (HA, HA!). Of course that evening Charlie was calling easy A-1. Still it was great fun and I am anxious to get back to dancing advanced with my friends here at the ESDC.

Hope all of you are doing well and getting back out there as well.

Gaynor Hintz

Club Reporter

Misty Valley Cloggers
No club news received.
Single Trees - Link
We are pleased to announce that our club will start back dancing at the Emerald Square Dance Center in May. Normally as of this dance year we would be dancing on the 4th Friday of the month but because no other club is dancing yet and the 4th Friday falls on Memorial Day weekend, we changed our date to the second Friday, the 14th of May. Scott Zinser will be calling for us and our club cuer Jackie Gale will be there as well. We’ll start with plus at 7:30 and then do mainstream from 8-10PM. We hope to see many of our dancing friends come join us and celebrate the commencement of square dancing in Lane County—at least dancing to a live caller because a small group of us have been doing virtual dancing off of YouTube. This has helped keep us sane in this strange time.

We were sorry to hear that Bill Gale, Jackie’s husband, had to have open heart surgery. He is doing well I understand but won’t be back dancing just yet.

We just recently learned that two of our members tested positive for COVID but only have mild symptoms and will soon be out of quarantine. I’m sure they’ll be out dancing with us on the 14th of May.

Please pass the word to your dancing friends to come dance with us in May.

Gaynor Hintz

Vice President and Club Reporter

May 14 (2nd Fri)

Plus at 7:30 and mainstream with round dance tips from 8-10P
Caller: Scott Zinser
Cuer: Jackie Gale
Spin Cycle Squares - Link
Spin Cycle Squares

We hope to be able to rent the hall's parking lot again for socially distanced meetings when the weather gets a little warmer.  It gives us a nice chance to see our friends and get caught up.

Our caller, Tim Matteson, lost his mother recently.  He had been taking care of her for quite a while.  She was on hospice but a short time.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Tim.  He and his mom were very close.

Hopefully, we'll be back to dancing soon.  

Christina Corelli

Member-at-Large of Spin Cycle Squares

Sweet Home Squarenaders
No club news received.
Whirl-A-Ways - Link
No club news received.
Wolf Pack - Link
No club news received.

Interstate Highlanders
No council news received.
Klamath Country Squares
No club news received.

Mid-Willamette Council - Link
No council news received.
Braids & Braves
No club news received.
Capitol Callers & Cuers Assoc - Link
No club news received.
Cherry City Cloggers - Link
No club news received.
Corvallis Squares - Link
No club news received.
Golden Squares
No club news received.
Independence Wagon Wheelers - Link
No club news received.
Lebanon Square Circlers - Link
No club news received.
ORDTA - Link
No club news received.
We danced for three weeks in March and did a lot of review of various rhythms to see where we stood after the lock out of the Dance Center, thanks to the Governor. We average around 15 people each week and have room for many more. We are glad to be back on the dance floor getting some much-needed floor time to renew our abilities. We resumed Bolero instruction in April for an unknown amount of time, probably sometime in May.

We had a club meeting in April to vote for Federation officers, to decide what to do about club officers, and to plan a special dance or two. We will also decide later when to ask for dues to be paid.

We are enjoying having Randy as our cuer and appreciate Debbie accompanying him when she can. She has been busy training a new puppy. Marilyn Schmit

May 15 (3rd Sat)
Spring Has Sprung
Intermediate Level Round Dancing Phase 3-4, some 5's
Salem Square Dance Center, Salem
Cuer: Randy Lewis
View Flyer
Salem Swingin' Stars
The Salem Square Dance Center opened for the month of March so we began dancing. We are on our regular schedule of the first, third, and fifth Fridays of the month. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, everyone MUST wear a mask or face shield while in the building. Everyone brings their own water bottle and snacks. We are limited to 50 people.

We have danced three times and have had a blast each time. There have been 4-5 squares on the floor. We sanitize hands before each tip and have pool noodles available for more distancing.

We are looking forward to dancing without the face coverings whenever that happens. In the meantime, we will have fun safely. Hope to see you on a dance floor soon.

Sheila Machado

Silver City Squares
We had our regular dance in April and we will have our May dance. Then we will go dark as usual until September. We are still in the process of finding a new club caller and cuer and we are planning to have lessons start in September. Not much else going on. Petrina Buchheit

May 14 (2nd Fri)

7:30 PM
Waldo Hills Community Club, Silverton
Caller: Bruce Lowther
Cuer: Judy Russell
View Flyer
Timber Twirlers - Link
No club news received.
Willamette Squares
No club news received.

Portland Area Council - Link
You’re all invited to our traditional 5th Friday dance. See flyer below

At a mere $10 a couple, we’re going to lose our shirts on this dance, but do we care? Not in the least! Having fun is priceless!

It’s a dance designed for people who have wanted to get back to dancing, noticed that everything else has opened up, and wondering why we have not also opened up. Here’s your big chance to return to dancing, all at a risk level that is likely less than going to the grocery store. So make your reservation and enjoy a great evening of our favorite hobby.


May 1 (1st Sat)
5th Friday Dance
Round Dance
Oak Grove Community Club, Oak Grove
Cuer: Tami Helms
View Flyer
Bachelor N Bachelorettes - Link
Like other clubs, we are working on deferred maintenance of our dance grange along with helping the grange financially.


Buzzin Bees
No club news received.
Chaps & Petticoats - Link
Eight (yes-a whole square) Chaps and Petticoats members went square dancing on March 19th at the Salem Square Dance Center - our first event since COVID. Under Moderate Risk COVID regulations, the independently owned venue was able to comply. This was a “Randy” (dandy) square dance featuring: Randy Dibble calling and Randy Lewis as Cuer. The hall danced Rounds, MS and Plus - it was a joy-packed event with lots of smiles! Great to everyone after such a long time.

Chaps and Petticoats joined the Maplewood Grange general meeting on March 28th to discuss opening up the Grange, to Square Dancing, under Moderate Risk COVID regulations. In addition to the COVID regulations, local granges follow the Oregon State Grange (OSG) mandates, and OSG is under advisement of the National Grange.

Maplewood has opened to small-numbered meetings, and discussed adding additional events to the calendar. The Grange agreed to resume rentals for non-contact sports based on maintaining State COVID regulations (including areas to be cleaned before and after, 50% occupancy, masks and/or shields worn, separation maintained, maintaining adequate ventilation, plus the signing of a waiver). Local granges must wait for the risk regulations to open up for Square Dancing, a contact sport.

On a positive note, Portland Area Council (PAC) is having a 5th Friday ROUNDS (only) dance on April 30th this month at the Oak Grove Community Center. A reservation is required, due to the hall occupancy limitation...see flyer in the Oregon Federation April News under Portland Area Council to reserve.

Happy Feet,

Betty Chipps

Country Cut-Ups - Link
No club news received.

May 8 (2nd Sat)
Round Dance

May 29 (5th Sat)
Round Dance
Round Dance 7:00 to 9:30pm
Boring Barn, Boring
Caller: None
Cuer: Tami Helms
View Flyer
Happy Hoppers - Link
No club news received.
Heads to the Center - Link
No club news received.
Oaky Doaks - Link
No club news received.
River City Dancers - Link
At the time that this article is being written, River City Dancers have not yet returned to dancing.

Our members have kept in touch by Zoom meetings and phone calls. Members have also been busy with building repairs, re decorating and painting.

We look forward to the day when we can return to the life we once knew and enjoyed. It has been over a year since we have danced. Will we still remember? Well, just remember that when you get into the square, you will not be alone. There will be seven other dancers there all helping each other. When the time comes, don’t be afraid to try again.

We will be sure to let everyone know when we begin holding dances again.

Carol Mendenhall

Rosetown Ramblers - Link
The Ramblers are purely a square dance club, so we will be spending a little more time in hiatus. We wish the best of luck to the clubs who are dipping their toe in the water with round dances. We hope to be back on the dance floor soon.

Meanwhile, we are anticipating the return of nicer weather by planning some Ramblers Zambles around Portland. This is a fun way to catch up with club members’ news, while helping with conditioning after our long layoff.

We had an entertaining “Name that Rambler” contest in April. Contestants had to answer 5 questions, and then had to try to guess the identity of the Rambler based on their answers. We had 20 contestants for this game. The questions were:

1. What time zone were you born in?

2. Who is your all-time favorite actor (any gender)?

3. What is your all-time favorite movie?

4. What advice would you give your 18-year-old self?

5. If you had a completely free afternoon, how would you spend it?

One perspicacious participant correctly identified 10 Ramblers solely through the information elicited from these questions. Astonishing! The winner won a free one-year Ramblers membership. And we all learned something new about our fellow members—and will have lots to talk about when we meet again!

Wishing good health and good squares to all!

Jeff Knapp


Tumbleweeds - Link
No club news received.

Rogue-Sis-Q Council
No council news received.
Charlie Brown Squares - Link
The club is still in a holding pattern - but we are seeing a light at the end!! We look forward to starting up classes and dancing again!! We hope everyone is doing well. A few of us attended Pear Blossom last weekend & had a great time!! Don't forget to keep the 3rd weekend in October (15-17th) open for a full weekend in Grants Pass with Mike Seastrom!! Going to be a great time---all sorts of events happening - in addition to our regular Saturday nite dance with Mike & Rikki.

Hope to see you soon!

Not much news to report from Yreka. We continue to attend the Zoom meetings hosted by Daryl Clendenin. Still lots of discussion about implementing the SSD program. We have been in contact with our local school district as well as the Karuk wellness center. Everything is still on hold. The wellness center is not only governed by the state but also the Karuk board of Elders. They are still in a holding pattern, and are being extra cautious because of the cases throughout the tribe. We have been in contact with the Siskiyou Golden Fair and things look positive for the fair to happen in August. We will be doing demo's possibly at random times throughout the fair and not on one specific night provided we have dancers. We are discussing the possibility of doing demo's in front of our booth rather than between the two buildings. This is still being debated and will need approval from the fair board. We were glad and excited to hear that Pear Blossom went well.

Please stay safe and healthy, keep wearing those masks.

Hope to see everyone soon

Dean & Sherrie.

Star Promenaders - Link
No club news received.

South Coast Council
No council news received.
Beachcombers - Link
No club news received.
Crook County Mavericks
No club news received.
Saints-N-Aints - Link
No club news received.
Sets In Order - Link
No club news received.

Tualatin Valley Council - Link
TVC Meetings are continuing via ZOOM. A lengthy discussion of the new Social Square Dance format (SSD) took place. TVC Caller Advisor, KC Curtis said that while each club can make its own choice, it would be better to either all continue with Mainstream or all make the change to SSD. It was reported that clubs who are already using it (B51) have been growing, and it was agreed that fostering the growth of square dancing in Oregon is an important focus in this time of declining numbers. Other ideas presented were adding the dropped Mainstream calls to Plus lessons, and possibly having every third tip be full Mainstream.

The topic of requiring vaccinations to attend a dance was discussed without resolution. It is possible that a "Social Club" may be able to legally require those in attendance to be vaccinated but at this point no one knows for sure.

The current slate of TVC officers was unanimously approved to continue for the June 1, 2021 - May 31, 2022 year, as follows: Mike Sinclair, President; Jan Amerson, Vice President; Andis Garuts, Secretary; Tammy LeBlanc, Treasurer.

There is some round dancing starting up on a limited basis. The Hoedowners are holding round dance workshops on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month, with a limit on the number of couples who can attend. Sunset Promenaders will begin rounds for its club members by invitation beginning in May. The Seaside Sashay in October is still tentatively scheduled to take place.

Ferrous Steinka

Columbia River Dancers - Link
Something is on the horizon for the Columbia River Dancers. The executive committee met on Thursday, April 1st to discuss what has happened so far and when we might be able to dance again. We also found out how Jim Hattrick is and when he will be back calling for us. We have decided that at this time we are looking for a September opening for lessons and dances as we usually are dark in the summer anyway.

One good note is that we are anticipating that we will be celebrating our 7th anniversary dance. We have already scheduled Adam Christman. So mark down Saturday March 12, 2022.

Anyone who is on Melissa’s email list, which includes all of the CRD’s, will be getting a email message of what is going on. So look for it coming soon.

Stay healthy.

Nick Johnson

Eager Beavers - Link
I hope everyone had a good Easter Sunday. April 18th would have been our 46th Anniversary Dance, which unfortunately is not being held.

Considering the problems associated with getting together to nominate new club officers and the voting which follows, it was decided to continue the current slate of officers for an additional year.

We have scheduled a face to face (with masks) club meeting on June 1st to be held at our dance venue, Aloha Grange. Currently the OHA restrictions require the Grange to limit attendance to 25 persons. We will not be dancing, just a club meeting followed by a social period with some cookies.

Can’t wait to see all our friends together again!

Sally Duyck

May 1 (1st Sat)
Happy Mother's Day
After Covid we will dance every Monday again
Aloha Grange #773, Aloha
Caller: Hattrick, Clendenin & Kalambach
View Flyer
Hayshakers - Link
No club news received.
Hoedowners - Link
March 2021 saw the Hoedowners beginning to emerge and transform back to our old selves; you know, the ones with dances, dinners, and activities while pursuing friendships and fun. March began with the dogged search for vaccines and I am happy to report several members have both shots. Thank goodness April will see the availability open to all.

I was reminded how important square dancing can be in our lives when this past weekend my husband noticed an obituary for ninety-one-year-old Gordon G. Green Jr. in the Oregonian. Here was a man who was a USMC fighter pilot, an engineer for U.S. Corp of Engineers, an active member of his church but when his two children wrote their father’s obituary, they mentioned how he was “happily wearing bolo ties when square dancing with Mom at the Aloha Grange”. Think of all the happy memories for the Green family. I want to get back to making those kinds of memories for all of us.

What’s coming up besides crocus, daffodils and tulips? Our round dances on the second and fourth Saturday of the month; practice or brush up 6-7pm, music 7-9pm. Singles are welcome but you must dance alone for the evening. Masks and social distancing required. Square dancing will return when it is allowed and does not violate the OHA guidelines for the Aloha Grange.

Can’t wait to see you in person!

Krystal Laas

May 18 (3rd Tue)
Back To Dancing
Masks or face shields required
Aloha Grange #773, Aloha
Caller: Daryl Clendenin
Cuer: No Rounds
View Flyer
Mix N Mingle - Link
No club news received.
Oak Hills Squares - Link
Oak Hills Squares continues to have biweekly Zoom calls to keep in touch, and group walks on alternate weeks for anyone who wants to join. We are impatiently waiting until the gym where we dance is available. When it does, we plan to begin with round dance lessons, and square dancing when it is safe.

Club officers have agreed to continue for another year, so no changes there. Our word for the day on the zoom call this week was Ballybrack. It is an Irish slang word that means to fake the death of an obscure relative or acquaintance to avoid an engagement. The term was coined after the Ballybrack football club team claimed one of their players had died to avoid a match. One of the lesser-important words, I think.

Marie Clem

R Square D - Link
We are dependent on Kelso Senior Center reopening before we can plan to dance again. It’s not anticipated that we will dance until at least September, or even later, depending on when social distancing is no longer required in Washington State. We are hopeful that most of our students who were taking lessons a year ago will return when we are able to dance again. It will be a good time for everyone to brush up!

Because our club hasn’t had meetings since last summer, we haven’t had a chance to discuss SSD but that will be on the agenda soon.

Chris Poole

Sunset Promenaders - Link
We had a lively club meeting discussing Social dancing and have scheduled a club May Day Dance May 1st, a round dance only with a limit of 20 couples. New officers were elected for June installment! Dan Browning President, Mike Sinclair Vice President, Diane Pratt Secretary, and Candy Sinclair Treasurer.

We are also planning a May 15th round dance for our club!

Dan Browning

Toe Draggers - Link
Happy May Day Everyone!

This reporter is feeling very hopeful about the future. Us and most of our friends and family have had their vaccines.

It’s almost dahlia planting time at our house, with veggie plants soon after that, it really gives your spirits a lift to see things growing and producing.

Stay safe & don’t let your guard down just yet. Hoping for the day we hear “Square 'Em Up”!

Kathy Degman

Tri Squares - Link
We just had our election of officers, by first announcing the candidates at our General Meeting over Zoom in March, and then voting by email, like we did last year. (Boy, I sure hope next year we can have a nice dinner out for our General Meeting again instead!) The officers elected are as follows: President, Dale Brabham; Vice President, Gloria Davis; Secretary, John Prouty; Treasurer, Edith Prouty; Dance Coordinator, Lynnea Loveberg; and TVC Representatives, Carol Roos and Ursula Kuhn.

Everything else continues to be on hold until this pandemic improves. We still enjoy seeing each other monthly on the Zoom "Gabfest" and catching up.

Gloria Davis

Valley River Dancers - Link
No club news received.
Valley Squares - Link
Writing this report a month in advance is sometimes very difficult. In these times when we can't dance it's even harder. Our Members have been in touch and we all feel the same - can't wait to get back to dancing. We need the exercise, we need the friendships. Hope you are all doing well and we get back together soon. Thanks.

Carolene Siebert

Wave Steppers - Link
No club news received.

Umpqua Area Council - Link
No council news received.
Buckeroo - Link

Well...there is lots going on in beautiful southern Oregon! We have begun to have some dances and are excited to be out on the dance floor again. We are requiring that people wear masks and that they bring their own snack as we are not sharing food right now. The Buckeroo Barn is encouraging everyone to get their vaccine, and as encouragement, if you bring your vaccine card you will be admitted to one dance free. If we can get to 90% of our dancers vaccinated, we will be able to lift the mask requirement.

We dance the first and third Saturdays from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm. These are updated times and have recently changed, so please make note. We are also starting a “no experience” dance from 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm on our regular dance nights. Come join the fun and help introduce square dancing to a whole new group of dancers!

Our Birthday Dance in April was a lot of fun! We had two and a half squares dancing to the wonderful Scott Zinser and Rikki Lobato. Coming up in May, we have our Craft Fair on the 7th and 8th, and our Barn Sale on the 21st and 22nd.

Mark your calendar now for the Buckeroo Round-Up weekend scheduled for June 11th-13th. This year we will welcome Dan Nordbye as our caller and Julie Stiers as our cuer. It is always a highlight of our year and helps us raise money to support our beloved barn.

Happy dancing,


Dancing Friends - Link
We are dancing! Cha classes on Sunday afternoon at 2:30 w/Rod Skinner, Practice workshop Tuesday night at 5:30 w/Rod & Joel, and Waltz/Jive on Tuesday night at 6:30 w/Rikki Lobato. The dancers are looking good and we have lots of fun! A monthly round dance party is still in the works, we will keep you posted. Please check with luvroundancing@gmail.com before you travel to dance with us because occasional cancellations happen for various reasons. We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor soon. Stay happy and healthy.

Angi Sue

May 28 (4th Fri)
Spring Round Dance Party Phases 2-soft 5
Phase 4-soft 5, 6-6:50 pm, Phases 2-4, 7-9 pm
Buckeroo Barn, Roseburg
Cuer: Neil Koozer
View Flyer
Timber 8's - Link
No club news received.

May 29 (5th Sat)
Birthday Dance
7pm pre-rounds, 7:30pm mainstream squares
Buckeroo Barn, Roseburg
Caller: Dan Nordbye
Cuer: Neil Koozer
View Flyer

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