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Oregon Federation News
June 2021

A publication of the Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs

Printed 20 June 2021
President's Corner

Finally we have made it through spring and are now into summer, and we are still dealing with the pandemic as best we can. More outside activities are good for the body and soul. There is excitement in the air. Whether you have your vaccine or not, I hope you are feeling great about the possibility of dancing again. Getting back to “Normal” and dancing with our friends is what we have so missed, socially.

When you hear the words “square up” will you panic and wonder if you can still remember the calls? Just relax and enjoy yourself; square dancing is fun. Take a refresher lesson and start out slowly. Keep a positive attitude and encourage one another, rather than being critical. Enjoy the blessings of once again dancing with your friends. Being ever mindful of the Covid rules demonstrates respect for everyone involved. You aren’t the only one who has lived through over a year of a pandemic that has caused our activity and many others to come to a screeching halt.

Sadly, square dancing numbers have been diminishing over the years in most parts of the country. However, the pandemic doesn’t have to lead to our activity’s demise. This is a wonderful opportunity to promote our hobby by taking advantage of people’s desire to be involved in non-threatening, social activities like square and round dancing. We know so much of society is eager to socialize once again after enduring such a long isolation. We encourage callers and dancer leaders to “think outside the square” and work on new ideas for marketing our hobby to those who never before thought about square dancing.

Normally, as Federation President, I would have been visiting around the state, attending dances and festivals. Since that’s not the case, the only thing going on is Zoom meetings for the councils and clubs. If you would like me to attend one of your Zoom meetings, send me your link and I’ll do my best to log in and join your meeting. I’m sure you are all being proactive and working on ideas for getting started with your classes and square and round dances. I would like to be involved and help from the Federation level if possible.

Swing Your Partner………Into Summer.
Gary Clark, OFSRDC President

Editor's Note

Ah, these lovely warm days and cool nights remind me why I love living in Oregon. Remember, when your club decides to open up again, let me know. We will all have to relearn our habits of creating and distributing flyers.

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Federation Events

Coronavirus Update

Here is a useful article about the COVID restrictions, written and maintained by Federation 2nd Vice President Tim Keck, with useful pages from the State of Oregon and from USDA, and links to some statistics, for those who like numbers. https://ofn.club/content/2021-07/Covid%20Guidelines%20(210608).pdf .

Federation Meetings

At the Federation teleconference on May 16, 2021, the results of the 2021-22 officer elections were announced:

The next Federation meeting will be a Zoom teleconference on July 17, 2021, at 9:00 AM.

Summer Festival

There will be no Oregon Summer Festival in 2021. Washington's Summer Festival is scheduled for June 17-19, 2021, in Everett, WA.

There is currently no Oregon Summer Festival scheduled for 2022.


Mid-Winter Festival 2022 is scheduled for January 28-30, 2022, at the Linn County Fairgrounds in Albany.

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Other National Events

The latest news about the National Square Dance Conventions® is located in the National Squares magazine, produced by the NEC. You can find the latest issue here: (http://nsdcnec.com/flipdocs/NatSqOnline/Natsq1120/index.html)

The 70th National Square Dance Convention® will be held in Jackson, Mississippi, June 23-26, 2021.

The 71st National Square Dance Convention® will be held in Evansville, Indiana, June 22-25, 2022.

The 72nd National Square Dance Convention® will be held in Mobile, Alabama, June 21-24, 2023.

The 73rd National Square Dance Convention® has just been awarded to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for June of 2024.

Corporation Renewal Status

All clubs in the Oregon Federation are required to maintain their status as non-profit corporations with the State of Oregon. The Secretary of State's office mails out a renewal notice about a month before your registration expires every year. The following clubs expire this month:

June 10 -- Spin Cycle Squares
June 15 -- Cascade Callers & Cuers Assoc
June 19 -- Hayshakers
June 25 -- Oaky Doaks

When & Where

Download a complete list of the Federation club dances this month, all sorted by date and city.

Everything in the When & Where is extracted from the state directory information. If you find that your club information is wrong, you can fix that by going to the directory information area and fixing your data.


Available Callers & Cuers

You can download this list of callers and cuers who are available and ready to call or cue a dance for you.


Ian Craig
19598 Goose Lake Dr NE
Aurora, OR 97003
Mark Wheeler
6728 SE Woodstock Blvd
Portland, OR 97206
Cece & Sarge Glidewell
PO Box 1928
Klamath Falls, OR 97601
Henna Yauger
14915 SE Brookfield Dr
Oregon City, OR 97045


Cece & Sarge Glidewell
PO Box 1928
Klamath Falls, OR 97601
Rikki Lobato
2230 SW Webster Rd
Grants Pass, OR 97526
Oregon Round of the Month

The Umpqua Area Council has chosen the June Round of the Month: "Mellow Moonlite Waltz", Phase II+2 Waltz (hover and chair), choreographed by Stella & Peter Tennant, music by Foster & Allen. Set speed to 38.5 RPM.

[Download your cue sheet here] (https://www.roundalab.org/CuesheetsDL2/Mellow%20Moonlite%20Waltz%2C%20Tennant%2C%20S%26P__2%2B2.pdf).

For more information on the Round of the Month, please contact .

Lessons starting in June and July

Please note that, due to the coronavirus, there will probably not be any square dance lessons this fall.

Everything in this section is taken from the state directory information. If you find that your class information is wrong, you can fix that by going to the directory information area and picking to the "Lessons" tab.

Salem Square Dance Center
3695 45th Av NE
Thursday, 7:30-8:20
Contact: Marilyn Schmit, 503-508-0539
Salem Square Dance Center
3695 45th Av NE
Sunday, 5 p.m.
Contact: Marilyn Schmit, 503-508-0539

Special Dances
June 16 (3rd Wed)
Bachelor N Bachelorettes
Opening Dance
7:30 PM
Abernethy Grange, Oregon City
Caller: Daryl Clendenin
Cuer: Tami Helms
View Flyer
June 25 (4th Fri)
Valley River Dancers
Dance in the Park
7:00-9:30, Mainstream and Rounds; 9:30 - 10 Plus
Billick Park, Dundee
Caller: Randy Dibble
Cuer: Leonard Snodgrass
July 21 (3rd Wed)
Star Promenaders
48th Diamond Lake Festival
Diamond Lake, Diamond Lake
Caller: Ray Brendzy, Nicholas & Caitlyn Brendzy
Cuer: Christina Corelli
View Flyer
July 23 (4th Fri)
Valley River Dancers
Dance Under the Stars
7:30 Pre-Plus; 8-10:30 Mainstream and Rounds
Tennis Courts (Outside), Newberg
Caller: Darrell Kalmbach
Cuer: Leonard Snodgrass
View Flyer
January 9 (2nd Sun)
Lebanon Square Circlers
Birthday Dance
Strawberry Shortcake
IOOF Hall, Lebanon
Caller: Charlotte Jeskey
Cuer: Jackie Gale
View Flyer
April 8 (2nd Fri)
Rogue-Sis-Q Council
Pear Blossom Square Dance Festival
Rogue Valley Square Dance Center, Medford
Caller: Mike Haworth
Cuer: Rikki Lobato
View Flyer
June 4 (1st Sat)
Lebanon Square Circlers
Strawberry Festival ALLIANCE Dance
Silent Auction, Experienced Clothing Sale
Lebanon Senior Center, Lebanon
Caller: Dan Nordbye
Cuer: Jackie Gale

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Councils & Clubs

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Blue Mountains Council
No council news received.
Muddy Frogs
No club news received.

Central Oregon Council - Link
No council news received.
High Desert Dancers
No club news received.
Red Rock Squares - Link
No club news received.
Sagebrush Shufflers - Link
No club news received.
Sundown Round Dance Club - Link
No club news received.

Emerald Empire Council - Link
No council news received.
Cascade Callers & Cuers Assoc
We did not have a dance the end of May. Things with the pandemic change from week to week, and there wasn't time to decide on how to manage a dance considering everyone may not have had a chance to get their shots, and we do not have a club roster. Our dancers come from all of our federated clubs and other clubs as well. Therefore, our next scheduled 5th Saturday Dance will be July 31. We should know by then if that date is a go. We are hoping that it is.

Thank you for your continued vigilance regarding the pandemic.

Can't wait to call and cue for you,

Christina Corelli, Secretary

Cast A Shadow - Link
We are still not dancing yet and no date has been set for restarting our dances in Hall B of the Emerald Square Dance Center in Springfield. I am hoping soon we will know more since the CDC has lifted the mask requirements for both indoor and outdoor functions as long as one has been vaccinated. Most square dances I know have been able to get their vaccinations already although some are still in the process who are younger and/or had immunological problems, making getting vaccinated problematical. Some clubs have started dancing on a regular basis however so one can hope. Meanwhile some of us continue to practice our skills in front of a YouTube virtual video.

Stay safe and well and hope to see you on the dance floor soon,

Gaynor Hintz

Club Reporter

Misty Valley Cloggers
No club news received.
Single Trees - Link
Our club has started up again! Hip, hip, ooray! We normally dance the fourth Fridays of the month, but in our eagerness to get dancing we decided to dance on Friday, May 14 as the 28th fell on Memorial Day weekend. We dance at the Emerald Square Dance Center, 2095 Yolanda Ave. in Springfield.

Our May 14 dance went very well. We had three squares on the floor for the mainstream tips and two on the floor for the plus half hour from 7:30 to 8PM. Scott Zinser was calling his best to a floor which was a bit rusty to say the least, but everyone did remarkably well considering our last dance was on Feb. 14, 2020 as president Larry Reetz reminded us. Jackie Gale called to a full round dance floor, and we were so happy to dance to her fine cueing. Scott was kind enough to say he would call a “star” tip of plus at 10PM if enough people wanted to stick around and so we did—two squares again stayed while another square stood on the floor talking to one another. Everyone was so happy to see one another again. Now with clubs up and down the I-5 corridor dancing we should be back up to par in short order!

We are encouraging those who should to wear their masks and continue to follow CDC guidelines and to fill out a contact information sheet at the first dance they attend with us We will also take temperatures at the door for a while. Those of us who have had our vaccinations can dance without masks if we choose as of May 13 according to the CDC and Governor Kate Brown.

Our next dance will be June 25 with George Hermann calling and Jackie Gale cueing. We will offer plus from 7:30 to 8PM and have mainstream tips from 8-10PM with no official break. At this time we are asking people to bring food and beverages just for themselves and not to share although perhaps by June we can consider going back to sharing our goodies and offering coffee, tea on the break bar. We’ll have to see how things are going by then. Watch for our email posts. If you want to be on the list, please contact me at (541) 741-4149.

Meanwhile, happy dancing!

Gaynor Hintz

Club Reporter

June 25 (4th Fri)

7:30PM plus; 8-10PM mainstream with rounds
Caller: George Hermann
Cuer: Jackie Gale
Spin Cycle Squares - Link
We were able to have a social distanced meeting outside at the hall and made the decision to start hosting dances from 4:00 - 6:00 Sunday evenings in June. Our capable caller, Tim Matteson, will adapt and call to the floor. This will be our first chance to dance since March of 2020. Below is a link to our website. Here is the phone number of our president, David Lajoie. 541-520-7311. Please call David or check out our website to make sure we are, indeed, dancing. Nowadays we are planning everything by ear and on a week to week basis regarding COVID guidelines, etc. Right now all we know is that fully vaccinated persons may gather indoors or out without masks. A lot of us are continuing to wear masks nonetheless just to be on the safe side. We are considering using a waiver for dancers to fill out and sign. Single Trees did this at their first dance on May 14. Their dance was a huge success with three squares having a blast. If you have your COVID card that would be helpful as well. Thank you for your vigilance and continued safe measures in regards to the pandemic. We hope to see you in June if not before!

Yay to dancing again,

Christina Corelli

Sweet Home Squarenaders
No club news received.
Whirl-A-Ways - Link
No club news received.
Wolf Pack - Link
No club news received.

Interstate Highlanders
No council news received.
Klamath Country Squares
No club news received.

Mid-Willamette Council - Link
No council news received.
Braids & Braves
Capitol Callers & Cuers Assoc - Link
No club news received.
Cherry City Cloggers - Link
Cherry City Cloggers started clogging once again the first week of April. It was such a wonderful experience after being closed for over a year. We had been having Zoom calls just to keep in touch and it was a very welcome experience for all to start dancing again. We all wore face masks and tried to keep 6 feet apart as much as you can when you haven't seen each other for months and you just want to talk and catch up. We did our best for about five weeks only to come to a screeching halt this last week with the Governor’s new restrictions of no more than six in any kind of a social gathering. So we are now restricted from dancing once again. Mary Ellen, our club president, will be monitoring the Governor’s mandates closely with the hopes we will be back dancing again soon. Not sure what our summer demo season will look like or even if it will happen because we haven't heard whether those places we normally dance will once again be cancelled. Georganne Pfnister
Corvallis Squares - Link
No club news received.
Golden Squares
No club news received.
Independence Wagon Wheelers - Link
No club news received.
Lebanon Square Circlers - Link
No club news received.
ORDTA - Link
No club news received.
As I sit here watching Saturday evening TV, it is time to get another article off to the editor for the OFN.

We will continue to work on Bolero through the end of May and then see where we go from there. The Covid took us out of our hall for the first Thursday of May, and it is unknown at this writing what happens after that. We have a dance planned for May 15, a phase 3-4 dance with some 5’s. Will see what the risk level is by then as to whether we have it or not. Stay tuned for next month’s article to see what is reported.

I am also working on thoughts for a phase 2 dance in late July or August to get the easy dance level dancers ready for lessons in September. It is intended to be kind of an early kick off dance to get some floor time for them. Details to follow when more plans fall in place. Marilyn Schmit

Salem Swingin' Stars
Salem Swingin' Stars are dancing again!!!

The latest round of restrictions meant that we had to cancel our 5th Friday Plus Dance but we were able to start our 1st Friday Dance again for May.

We are averaging 4-5 squares on the floor each dance. Our numbers have stayed below the 50 person limit for the hall.

Thank you to all of the dancers for wearing their masks or face shields. Hopefully sooner rather than later we can dance without them.

We will continue to dance our regular schedule as long as we are able to. Our club does not go dark for the summer months.

Dances will be posted on our FaceBook page - Salem Swingin' Stars Square Dance.

Hope to see you on the dance floor.

Silver City Squares
Not much to report on. We are dark for the summer and will restart in September. Plans are in motion for lessons to start in September. We have not decided on new club caller and cuer yet. It might be fall before that is finalized.

We will be working with the Waldo Hills Community Club on maintenance on the hall over the summer. Petrina Buchheit

Timber Twirlers - Link
No club news received.
Willamette Squares
Willamette Squares president is back from AZ and is anxious to get the square dance show back on the road! We are planning to have a dance on June 26. Since most of our club members have not danced in quite a while, which is likely to be true for other dancers, the dance will be more like a workshop to review where needed. It will be fun to gather once again at the Salem Square Dance Center to dance and catch up with fellow square dancers. Please, won’t you join us? Jodee

June 26 (4th Sat)
Regular Monthly Club Dance
Return to Dancing!
Salem Square Dance Center, Salem
Caller: Sandy Harris
Cuer: Judy Russell
View Flyer

June 26 (4th Sat)

Regular Club Dance
Salem Square Dance Center, Salem
Caller: Sandy Harris
Cuer: Judy Russell
View Flyer

Portland Area Council - Link
Most of our council meeting was on the condition of our clubs and getting ready to dance. If a club is short of people to do club chores, the club can merge, employ a professional business manager, or become a caller run club. (Yes, you can have a caller run club and still be a federated club; however, it still has to be a non-profit.) It was mentioned that it is important to keep up with Federation and PAC dues.
Bachelor N Bachelorettes - Link
New club officers: President, Jim Schira; Vice-President, Rainy Evans; Secretary, Kathy Polley; Treasurer, Cynthia Ekberg; PAC Delegates, Jim Schira and Mary Theirl.

We’re going to be moving rapidly, and once we find out what dancing we can do, we will immediately send out caller/cuer contracts and be dancing within a couple weeks after that. Whether this will involve squares and rounds, or just rounds, we do not know; it depends on government and National Grange edicts at the time. Actually, to dance at all, we are at the mercy of the National Grange!


June 16 (3rd Wed)
Opening Dance
7:30 PM
Abernethy Grange, Oregon City
Caller: Daryl Clendenin
Cuer: Tami Helms
View Flyer

June 23 (4th Wed)

7:30 PM
Abernethy Grange, Oregon City
Caller: Scott Zinser
Cuer: Randy Lewis
View Flyer

June 30 (5th Wed)

7:30 PM
Abernethy Grange, Oregon City
Caller: K. C. Curtis
Cuer: Leonard Snodgrass
View Flyer
Buzzin Bees
No club news received.
Chaps & Petticoats - Link
On May 7th, Clackamas and Marion Counties moved from Extreme Risk to Moderate Risk COVID regulations.  On that very night, Chaps and Petticoats went dancing at Salem Square Swinging Stars.  This time there were six Chaps members - except for the wearing of masks/shields and sanitizing, it felt normal.

Chaps and Petticoats had an outside Club fellowship on Sunday, May 16th at a member’s home on the water - perfect 80-degree temp and no-mask freedom.  Our primary focus was to discuss reopening our lessons and dances.  Since our venue is a Grange, when we open depends first on the State mandates and second on insurance compliance with National Grange - so opening is in a ‘holding’ pattern as of this meeting.

We covered dancing and lesson options in our meeting:  SSD Lesson followed by SSD Dancing, same night, was popular though how to blend from an SSD lesson plan (after graduation) into Mainstream teaching was unclear - more ‘Zoom’ training discussions are needed.   To keep dancing, other dancing options were discussed:  Contra, Line-dancing, Rounds and even “ABC dancing (where one learns on the fly) were some - perhaps Chaps will choose another night to dance the other options.

It was nice to think about increasing our membership with these dancing options, though for now, we closed with lots of options, lots of questions and lots of decisions to make.

Happy Feet,

Betty Chipps

Country Cut-Ups - Link
No club news received.
Happy Hoppers - Link
Things are starting to look a little more hopeful for us all.  In our last board meeting, which actually took place in our president's home (yes! In person!), we discussed the possibility of starting round dances (with all the accompanying precautions) but decided against it.  We have mostly square dancers in our club.  Only about 4-5 regular round dance couples so it didn't seem prudent for so few people.  We decided to try to open everything up in September.  That is, lessons and dances.  We will not use a strict SSD format for lessons since Jim has been using a format which is very close to that for years.  And it works very well!  

Beginning in September we start 8-week sessions every 8 weeks.  People advance as they are comfortable in doing so, often repeating basic and doing mainstream and plus all in the same evening.  Angels galore!  We do plus first and those who can stay for the rest of the evening do so.  

We also talked about our club picnic in August.  Typically, we introduce new officers at the picnic.  Our elections are going on right now.  This year, as with the PAC, our 2021 officers volunteered to serve again.  There will be only one change: Tom Halpenny, who has been serving as secretary for years, will continue on as our web manager (and data preserver) and Matt Driggers volunteered to run for the secretary position.  So unless someone does some right-in running, which is doubtful, that will be the only change for 2022. 

Hope this finds you all well vaccinated and healthy!   Keep on Keepin' on!

Janet Linebarger

Hoppers PAC Delegate

Heads to the Center - Link
No club news received.
Oaky Doaks - Link
No club news received.
River City Dancers - Link
At the time of writing this report, no date has been set for River City Dancers to resume dancing.  We are all hopeful that it will be soon. We will be sure to let everyone know as soon as we know.

Our club members keep in touch with email, phone calls and occasional zoom meetings. Officers for this coming year will be elected soon. 

Carol Mendenhall

Rosetown Ramblers - Link
No club news received.
Tumbleweeds - Link
No club news received.

Rogue-Sis-Q Council
No council news received.
Charlie Brown Squares - Link
We are still in hiatus, but getting closer to being back to dancing. We've cancelled dances thru June at this point, and will make a decision on our July dance soon. We only have 1 scheduled dance on July 17th. We will be dark in August as normal due to the County Fair. With luck, we can start classes again in September. We so look forward to having classes and dances again!!! We are very excited to have Mike(and Lisa) Seastrom for an entire weekend of events in October!!! Watch for the flyer on all weekend events; with the featured event our regular Saturday nite dance. There will be additional events happening Friday and Sunday as well. We were disappointed to have to cancel this year's Boatnik Festival - but 2022 will be wonderful with Eric Henerlau & Dan (Allison) Drumheller!! Plan your 2022 Memorial Day weekend and come join us!!Going to be a GREAT time!!!! We look forward to seeing everyone on the dance floor soon!!
No club news received.
Star Promenaders - Link
No club news received.

South Coast Council
No council news received.
Beachcombers - Link
No club news received.
Crook County Mavericks
No club news received.
Saints-N-Aints - Link
No club news received.
Sets In Order - Link
No club news received.

Tualatin Valley Council - Link
The April TVC meeting was held via Zoom meeting. New COVID rules are an ongoing discussion, with restrictions changing frequently. SSD was again discussed with all TVC clubs being asked to hold a discussion on this concept so the club delegates can bring a report to the next meeting.

The annual TVC directory is being prepared for 2021-2022. Due to Covid, the directory was not published last year.

A message from TVC President Mike St. Clair: "The TVC is alive and well. I just wanted to say from looking at the reports that for the most part clubs are communicating and planning the future of our dancing. Also the TVC is going to plan a picnic this summer just to get every one back on track. No dancing just a social activity. We don't have venue or date yet but it will be bring your own picnic and just visit. We will keep you posted. I am excited about the future even as slow as it is progressing."

Ferrous Steinka

Columbia River Dancers - Link
As the song goes, ”June is busting out all over”, but not for the Columbia River Dancers. We are still in a holding pattern. I saw some activity at a grange near our house so it might mean that the granges are starting to open up. Great news if that is true, but the Hazel Dell Grange gets mighty warm if not down right hot in the summer months. We are still looking forward to September opening.

Jim Hattrick was supposed to have had some surgery at the end of May and if he is healed, he will be calling for us this fall. He said he was going to do round dance reviews before the club lessons on Tuesday nights.

Until then, GET YOUR SHOTS, and remember that the Right and Left Grand usually starts with the right hand.

Stay healthy.

Nick Johnson

Eager Beavers - Link
Eager Beavers are excited to have our first in person social gathering in a long time. We're meeting on June 1st at the Aloha Grange where we hope to start dancing as soon as everything is under control. Happy Fathers Day June 20th.

Sally Duyck

June 7 (1st Mon)
June Dances
We are back to dancing. Come join us
Aloha Grange #773, Aloha
Caller: Daryl Clendenin
Cuer: Connie Clark
View Flyer
Hayshakers - Link
The club is not holding dances at this time. We are working with the Sunset Promenaders on the Seaside Sashay tentatively to be held in October. We’re holding off on advertising and promotion until we are more confident that the event will go on.

Craig Holt

Hoedowners - Link
April 2021 had insanely warm and dry weather for those of us here in the northwest. The only inclement weather was the Saturday we had scheduled our annual road cleanup, so we'll try again soon. The abundant sunshine kept reminding me of that great Beatles tune "Here Comes the Sun" written by George Harrison.

Here comes the sun, doo-doo-doo-doo, here comes the sun,

And I say it’s all right.

Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter,

Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here.

Maybe not years but over a year and an indelible part of our lives changed and was diminished. Hoedowners believe we have a plan to be on our way back.

Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces,

Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here.

Have you had a chance to drop by our Saturday night round dances? It had been a wonderful way to see familiar faces and smiles behind the masks.

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes

We have been feeling the warmth during our round dances with a nice group attending on alternate Saturdays. Thank you Randy for accommodating everyone including my husband and I who are novices. Thank you to all the experienced round dancers who have tolerated our short comings. Waltz away!

Here comes the sun, doo-doo-doo-doo, here comes the sun

And I say it’s all right

We will be all right! And on that note keep your eyes and ears open about Hoedowner doings in May! We may have a surprise or two.

Our Rounds on the second and fourth Saturday; practice or brush up 6-7pm, dancing 7-9pm. Singles are welcome. Masks and social distancing required.

If I don’t get to see your smiling face, at least let me see your smiling eyes.

Krystal Laas

Mix N Mingle - Link
The club has not been dancing. We have been e-mailing our each other for communication.

We normally have been dark during the summer anyway, so our next dance will likely be held in September.

We are a Plus club, but in general for the larger organization we support clubs going to SSD, and we support the TVC having their dances in the SSD format.

Lindie Noonan

Oak Hills Squares - Link
Oak Hills Squares folks are continuing with our bi-weekly zoom meeting, keeping tabs on everyone. On alternate weeks anyone who wants to can join a group walk in the neighborhood. We also had our first game night for those brave enough to participate. It was a fun time playing Pegs and Jokers with lots of visiting. Another night is planned soon. Our dance location is still not available, so we continue to wait for that.

Happy Memorial Day!

Marie Clem

R Square D - Link
Middle of April our club had the largest club meeting ever. We met at the Senior Center, with all the room for social distancing. We were trying to determine if we were at a place we could begin making even tentative plans. After lots of discussion, hopes and dreams, reality had to set in and put everything on hold.

We did determine that we are eager to be with dancing friends again, eager enough to show up for a meeting! It seems that not much has changed in the way people are thinking about moving forward with dancing. We discussed dance frequency, lessons and club activities without any change.

Last time I wrote about all the work on the Senior Center that John Poole, Dick Sims and others have accomplished. Now, it will be time for the ladies to sort, clean and organize the storage. After which, we will have lunch. Woo hoo, ladies lunch.

One of our more recent members, Terry Robbins, died at home with his wife, Londa at his side. We will remember the joy and smiles Terry brought to our dances and how much he supported our lessons.

Until our next communication may we all continue to smile and support our dance friends.

Annie Tietze

Sunset Promenaders - Link
The Sunset Promenaders had a May Day Dance with 19 couples. Tami Helms cued the round dance for two hours with two small breaks. Dancers had a great time and are reserved for our next round dance May 15th.

Dan Browning

June 17 (3rd Thu)
Promenaders Plus
7 -7:30 Rounds 7:30 - 9:30 Plus
I.O.O.F. Hall, Hillsboro
Caller: Darrell Kalmbach
Cuer: Tami Helms
View Flyer
Toe Draggers - Link
I’ve really been enjoying these occasionally warm days we’ve been having. It’s a glimmer of brighter days to come.

A few of us Toes have had a couple of fun lunch dates, it is so nice to talk to friends face to face. We are even planning a Toes meeting at the Big Toe’s house & potluck for those that feel comfortably safe in doing so. We’ll also have Zoom on the computer for everyone else. Time to finally set some possible dates for returning to the grange & life as a square dancer & active community member. We’ve heard news of the Promenaders having 18 people at a round dance! Hope springs again!

Keep keeping on the safe side & stay well. See you all real soon.

Kathy Degman

Tri Squares - Link
The closer we get to "normal" the itchier our feet are to dance! But for now, the most normal we can get is planning for our annual August club picnic in the park. It's something to look forward to, and maybe we'll even be maskless! Otherwise we continue on with our monthly club-chats and board meetings over Zoom, and we talk about what the future may hold for the new style of square dance lessons someday... We think the new style will be very user-friendly (student-friendly?) and we're ready to get started whenever it's safe.

Gloria Davis

Valley River Dancers - Link
Valley River Dancers held a Zoom club meeting April 25th. The main topic of discussion was when we will be able to start dancing again. Because of the anticipated changes in Covid restrictions from our Governor, we did not make any decisions other than to try to have a dance on June 11th, if we are able to find an outdoor facility where we would be able to hold a dance. The date is tentative. Masks would be required and we would follow covid guidelines.

Officers were elected with President, Secretary and Treasurer remaining in office for another year. New Co-Vice Presidents were elected and we are grateful for Ben & Kimberely being willing to serve in that position.

The meeting ended with some visiting time which was enjoyed by all who participated.

Judy Zimmerman

June 11 (2nd Fri)
Welcome Back Dance
New venue: Billick Park, Dundee
Caller: Randy Dibble
Cuer: Leonard Snodgrass
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June 25 (4th Fri)
Dance in the Park
7:00-9:30, Mainstream and Rounds; 9:30 - 10 Plus
Billick Park, Dundee
Caller: Randy Dibble
Cuer: Leonard Snodgrass
Valley Squares - Link
All our members are plugging along, waiting for the day we can resume square dancing. Most members have gotten their shots or will have by the time this is published. We are planning for a social gathering sometime in July with the hope we can begin planning our dances and classes. At least we will be able to visit with one another.

Hope everyone is well and getting through this time as best they can. Take care.

Carolene Siebert

Wave Steppers - Link
Our club dances have been suspended until further notice due to the closure of the City Hall. Our classes may resume before our dances. It depends on when the Elks Lodge in Tillamook reopens and allows groups. For up to date information see: www.wavesteppers.org.

Bob Allen

Umpqua Area Council - Link
No council news received.
Buckeroo - Link
Well...there is lots going on in beautiful southern Oregon! We have begun to have some dances and are excited to be out on the dance floor again. We are requiring that people wear masks and that they bring their own snack as we are not sharing food right now. The Buckeroo Barn is encouraging everyone to get their vaccine, and as encouragement, if you bring your vaccine card you will be admitted to one dance free. If we can get to 90% of our dancers vaccinated, we will be able to lift the mask requirement.

We dance the first and third Saturdays from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm. These are updated times and have recently changed, so please make note. We are also starting a “no experience” dance from 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm on our regular dance nights. Come join the fun and help introduce square dancing to a whole new group of dancers!

Mark your calendar now for the Buckeroo Round-Up weekend scheduled for June 11th-13th. This year we will welcome Dan Nordbye as our caller and Julie Stiers as our cuer. It is always a highlight of our year and helps us raise money to support our beloved barn.

Happy dancing,


Dancing Friends - Link
We had an all dancers club meeting in April followed by an impromptu hour of dancing that was a lot of fun! We expressed gratitude for the opportunities we've had to dance this past year and then made some group decisions.

Summer shutdown of existing classes: Phase 3 Cha classes will end the second or third week in May. Phase 2 Waltz and Phase 3 Jive classes will end on June 15th with a Graduation Dance Party!

Exciting Fall Plans

Phase 3 Slow Two Step (STS) classes (no previous experience required) will begin on September 14th, 2021, Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm. It will be a mix of teach/dance for two hours. If all goes well, it will progress to Phase 4 at some point during the season. There is the possibility of an hour of workshopping STS from 5:30-6:30 on Tuesdays as well, stay tuned.

Intermediate Foxtrot(FT) dancers (those who have already completed Phase 3 FT) will tackle Phase 4-5 FT on Mondays beginning in September, date & time to be determined.

Possible new Phase 3 workshop (probably 1.5-2 hours on a weekday morning/afternoon). A workshop differs from a class in that the workshop format requires dancers to have completed beginner classes for the rhythms being danced. Specific dances are taught, it is a great opportunity for floor time, dancers refine what they’ve learned and might pick up a new move or two! Cuers are exploring this possibility, stay tuned!

4th Friday Dancing Friends Round Dance Party each month, beginning in May and continuing throughout the year. Phase 4/soft 5 mixed rhythms from 6-7pm, Phase 2-3-4/soft 5 mixed rhythms rotated from 7-9pm.

Dancing Friends welcomes you whatever level you are dancing at, come to the dances and workshops to get that all important floor time and have some fun with us! If you've never danced (and everybody can learn to dance), come to lessons in the fall, you just might amaze yourself!

We had an all dancers club meeting in April followed by an impromptu hour of dancing that was a lot of fun! We expressed gratitude for the opportunities we've had to dance this past year and then made some group decisions.

Summer shutdown of existing classes: Phase 3 Cha classes will end the second or third week in May. Phase 2 Waltz and Phase 3 Jive classes will end on June 15th with a Graduation Dance Party!

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No club news received.

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