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Oregon Federation News
January 2021

A publication of the Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs

Printed 20 January 2021
President's Corner

Ordinarily, January is the time to look forward to Mid-Winter Festival. Since we are in a lock down once again, this event has been appropriately cancelled. Take this time to relive memories of past festivals and hold on to memories of the fun we always have greeting old friends and getting to know new ones. The fun and excitement will return once again for Mid-Winter Festival 2022.

I received an email in response to my December article on promoting round dancing and line dancing. The writer is holding Zoom dancing every Monday for square dancing for one couple, Western line dancing, and international folk dancing as activities. I’m looking into this, along with delegating a caller to help expand these activities, if that is feasible. It should work, and give us an opportunity to get dressed up and get some exercise dancing on Zoom. Stay tuned for more information; but in the meantime, do what you need to do to stay active and healthy. Take a walk on the sunny days.

I continue to urge you to stay in touch with your club members. Some type of newsletter that gives everyone an update on what is going on with your members is a great way to promote the fellowship that is the trademark of square and round dancers everywhere.

As we look to the future of getting this pandemic under control with immunization or whatever it takes, let’s stay positive that our “new normal” will include the dancing that we all love and can’t wait to get back to. We look forward to dressing up for club dances, indulging in wonderful potlucks, and socializing with great friends. Hugs again will be included in the “new normal”, too!!!

Swing Your Partner…………Enjoy this month of January and make the most of it!!!

Gary Clark

Editor's Note

Let us hope the beginning of the new year brings a fresh start, and allows us you push aside the dumpster fire that was 2020.

With vaccines starting to get distributed, we may finally be seeing the beginning of the end of the virus and the associated lockdown. With luck, we may be able to get back to dancing by summer. Cross your fingers.

We just learned last night of the passing of Jerry Story. We will get a full obituary when it is available.

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Federation Events

Coronavirus Update

Most of our square dance organizations have canceled dances, classes, meetings, and special events in response to the rapid spread of the coronavirus. We'll try to let you know when things start to open again.

You may find the text of this article by Federation 2nd Vice President Tim Keck, and useful pages from the State of Oregon and from USDA, https://ofn.club/content/2020-12/Covid%20Guidelines%20(201201).pdf .

Federation Meetings

The next Federation meeting will be a Zoom teleconference on January 24, 2021, at 9:00 AM. The Randall Award winner will be announced at that time. You can view your Randall Award nominees here.


We are sad to report that we are going to have to officially cancel Mid Winter Festival 2021. We are unable to guarantee that Linn county will be in stage 3 by January. So, we will miss everyone but looking forward to seeing you in January, 2022.

Summer Festival

As of now, no Oregon Summer Festival is planned for 2021. Washington's Summer Festival is scheduled for June 17-19, 2021, in Everett, WA.

Other National Events

The latest news about the National Square Dance Conventions® is located in the National Squares magazine, produced by the NEC. You can find the latest issue here: (http://nsdcnec.com/flipdocs/NatSqOnline/Natsq1120/index.html)

The 70th National Square Dance Convention® will be held in Jackson, Mississippi, June 23-26, 2021.

The 71st National Square Dance Convention® will be held in Evansville, Indiana, June 22-25, 2022.

The 72nd National Square Dance Convention® will be held in Mobile, Alabama, June 21-24, 2023.

The 73rd National Square Dance Convention® has just been awarded to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for June of 2024.

Corporation Renewal Status

All clubs in the Oregon Federation are required to maintain their status as non-profit corporations with the State of Oregon. The Secretary of State's office mails out a renewal notice about a month before your registration expires every year. The following clubs expire this month:

January 3 -- Heads to the Center
January 16 -- Columbia River Dancers
January 21 -- Corvallis Squares
January 22 -- Cherry City Cloggers
January 25 -- Happy Hoppers

When & Where

Download a complete list of the Federation club dances this month, all sorted by date and city.

Everything in the When & Where is extracted from the state directory information. If you find that your club information is wrong, you can fix that by going to the directory information area and fixing your data.

Letters and Articles

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Available Callers & Cuers

You can download this list of callers and cuers who are available and ready to call or cue a dance for you.


Ian Craig
19598 Goose Lake Dr NE
Aurora, OR 97003
Mark Wheeler
6728 SE Woodstock Blvd
Portland, OR 97206
Cece & Sarge Glidewell
PO Box 1928
Klamath Falls, OR 97601
Henna Yauger
14915 SE Brookfield Dr
Oregon City, OR 97045


Cece & Sarge Glidewell
PO Box 1928
Klamath Falls, OR 97601
Joyce Hooper

Beaverton, OR 97005
Rikki Lobato
2230 SW Webster Rd
Grants Pass, OR 97526
Federation Links
Oregon Round of the Month

The Portland Area Council has chosen the January Round of the Month: "Take Me Away", Phase II+1 Two-Step (strolling vine), choreographed by Cherie and Patrick Cox, music by George Strait.

[Download your cue sheet here] (https://www.roundalab.org/CuesheetsDL2/Take%20Me%20Away%2C%20Cox%2C%20C%26P__2%2B1.pdf).

For more information on the Round of the Month, please contact .

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Blue Mountains Council
No council news received.
Elkhorn Swingers
No club news received.
LaGrande Star Promenaders
No club news received.
Muddy Frogs
No club news received.

Central Oregon Council - Link
No council news received.
High Desert Dancers
No club news received.
Red Rock Squares - Link
No club news received.
Sagebrush Shufflers - Link
No club news received.
Sundown Round Dance Club - Link
No club news received.

Emerald Empire Council - Link
No council news received.
Boots & Sandals - Link
No club news received.
Cascade Callers & Cuers Assoc
Our next scheduled dance is January 30, 2021, but with Mid-Winter being cancelled I doubt we'll be able to hold a dance here in Springfield. Very sad but prudent.

We understand there are New Year's dances scheduled, and we hope all precautions are being taken. Most of us are staying home Christmas and New Year's Eve so we can gather with loved ones next year.

We did lose one of our older but newer square dancers to COVID-19. His wife got it also but is hanging in there. It's very sad. Our prayers go to everyone affected by this virus.

Stay healthy everyone and continue being safe!

Christina Corelli, Secretary

Cast A Shadow - Link
We continue to be dark along with most other square dance clubs in Oregon. Our hall does not want to take any chances with the health of the people who might want to attend a square dance. We will hope for an early vaccination process which will free many to start dancing again. We miss seeing our fellow dancers and hope everyone will be able to stay safe and be able to return to dance with us next spring perhaps if all goes well.

Meanwhile, we hope your Christmas and New Year’s went well and that you were able to meet with family if only via social media and Zoom. This will be a year for the history books for sure.

Gaynor Hintz

Club reporter

Misty Valley Cloggers
No club news received.
Single Trees - Link
No word as to when we can return to dancing. At this point our club would only be dancing once a month and attending our sister clubs dances to keep up our skills. But no one is dancing here in Oregon except perhaps Roseburg’s Buckeroos who have been able to hold a few dances up until the latest lockdown at any rate.

Stay safe and we’ll see you on the floor when all have been vaccinated.

Gaynor Hintz

Club Reporter

Spin Cycle Squares - Link
Well, we decided not to rent the hall and socially distance inside. The more we thought about it the scarier it seemed to get. Some of our members would have opted out anyway. We are thinking about Zoom though which is a nice option. We do what we can.

Tim Matteson has been our caller for many years now. His mom is hanging in there and has a caregiver during the week when Tim is working at the chocolate factory. She is slowly regaining strength.

Stay safe and healthy,

Christina Corelli


Sweet Home Squarenaders
No club news received.
Whirl-A-Ways - Link
No club news received.
Wolf Pack - Link
No club news received.

Interstate Highlanders
No council news received.
Klamath Country Squares
No club news received.

Mid-Willamette Council - Link
Happy New Year! Can you believe 2021 is here already? Seems like just yesterday we were worried about a new century beginning! We should have some full new dancer lessons when we can finally get back to dancing as most of us are going to need some refreshing of basic steps. Have a safe New Year and stay well.
Braids & Braves
No club news received.
Capitol Callers & Cuers Assoc - Link
No club news received.
Cherry City Cloggers - Link
No club news received.
Corvallis Squares - Link
No club news received.
Golden Squares
No club news received.
Independence Wagon Wheelers - Link
What a year of change! Our last dance was our 60th Birthday in March. Not only no dances, but no picnic, no Koast Krash, no demonstrations, and no social interactions. I think that is almost harder than no dancing. Square dancing is such a social activity and that is just the reason it may be a while before we can start back up. One wonders just how many people will drop out because we are out of the habit of dancing once or twice a month! We hope you all had the best Holiday season possible and have a safe and Happy New Year. LaVerne
Lebanon Square Circlers - Link
No club news received.
ORDTA - Link
No club news received.
Happy New Year to our fellow dancers. As I write this, it is December 1, and it is chilly outside. We have leaves that need to go out to the street, so hopefully later this week.

We have not danced since the first week of November when the Salem Square Dance Center was shut down. I am not a quitter, so I am still thinking positive that the dance hall will open just in time for a New Year’s Eve dance for the round dancers. Send some positive vibes to the hall owners and the Governor for some assistance.

I continue to send out emails to let the dancers know how things are going and to see if any of them will reply back with concerns.

We will be back dancing as soon as the hall opens, so stay tuned to Facebook and emails for any updates.

January is my birthday month, so I plan on trying to have a happy day during the month.

Marilyn Schmit

Salem Swingin' Stars
No club news received.
Silver City Squares
No club news received.
Timber Twirlers - Link
No club news received.
Willamette Squares
No club news received.

Portland Area Council - Link
Rumors still persist there is still some covert round dancing around our state, which sounds like much fun, but I wonder what Dr. Fauci would think of it all?

Realistically, social distance round dancing is probably no more risky than going to the grocery store, except when one dances with someone not of their household, in which case the risks exponentially increase. (And the more one goes to the grocery store, the greater the risk.) In the end, one has to be willing to weigh and accept the risks. After all: one can be infected and have no symptoms.

Also, remember to wear a heavy coat when you get your covid vaccine. If provider asks you to take off your coat, tell him/her that 90 degrees below zero is enough to give one frostbite!


Bachelor N Bachelorettes - Link
What a nice surprise to receive a Christmas card from our club president. How many clubs have a president who sends a card to each club member?

The conundrum of waiving dues for the year reminds us we really have no idea how many members we now have. We’ll just go with the flow until next year or maybe 2022.


Buzzin Bees
No club news received.
Chaps & Petticoats - Link
No club news received.
Country Cut-Ups - Link
No club news received.
Happy Hoppers - Link
Hello from the Happy Hoppers. And greetings of the season! We hope you're staying healthy and sane and looking forward to good things in the new year. Things like getting ahead of the dreaded pandemic and getting back to dancing.

Being able to give your friends a hug! Being able to see your family up close and not through Zoom. Being able to put 2020 behind us. I hope you're able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Some of us are still doing Zoom meetings to connect----Tom and Liza are still giving us their time and energy---so blessed to have them in our circle. Some of the ladies from our club have been meeting twice a week on Zoom to do art and share camaraderie. I've heard that some of us are meeting to bowl----when the lanes are open. We see so many people out walking. Many more than before the pandemic hit and hopefully that habit will endure. We humans are so resilient. So here's to the endurance we will still need! A heartfelt "Happy New Year" from all of us at Happy Hoppers!

Janet Linebarger

Heads to the Center - Link
No club news received.
Oaky Doaks - Link
No club news received.
River City Dancers - Link
With the year 2020 finally behind us, we look with hope to the future. It is our hope and prayer that we and all our fellow dancers will come through this pandemic in good health to see better days in this coming year.

In preparation for this new year, several of our members have spent time getting our hall ready for the day we return. Our basement (where we hold our breaks) has a new ceiling and new lighting. It also has fresh paint. Both men’s and women’s bathrooms have been re decorated and painted. When that long awaited day comes that we can dance again, we will be ready for you.

Stay well and keep hope in your hearts. Happy New Year.

Carol Mendenhal

Rosetown Ramblers - Link
A song: think “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem”

Oh square dance halls of Oregon, how still we see thee lie

Thy empty floors and bolted doors are enough to make us cry.

But comes a vaccine soonest to put things back to right,

And we’ll begin to dance again long into the joyful night.

Til then it’s social distancing, and video meets by Zoom,

To see our friends ere the virus ends, and our dances can resume.

When we can gather together to frolic and laugh once more,

Our true delight will burn more bright, and thrill us to the core.

If we all stick together, there’s no hurdle we can’t dislodge

So, COVID you can pass on through, while we others walk and dodge.

We wish our fellow dancers happiness and health and cheer,

And double the fun in 21 to make up for this year.

Tumbleweeds - Link
No club news received.

Rogue-Sis-Q Council
Rogue Sis Q Council has postponed the Pajamarama Mainstream dance until we have no restrictions and can safely have the dance. This is one dance everyone will want to look for and attend. You get to wear your best pajamas and dance. We will announce the date as soon as we have the date. The Pajamarama dance will be for anyone wanting to brush up on mainstream or had classes and didn't get to come to a dance when they graduated.

Southern Oregon sends prayers to everyone for a safe and healthy New Year.

Hope to see you next year, things are looking up with the new vaccine availability.

Charlie Brown Squares - Link
We are still waiting for the day we can start dancing. We miss everyone very much. At this point all dances and classes are canceled thru March. We will look at April when it gets closer. We are still planning and hoping for Boatnik. We everyone has/had a wonderful holiday and we looking forward to getting back on the dance floor in 2021.

January 2 (1st Sat)
Butterfly Dance

January 16 (3rd Sat)
Jack Frost Dance & Amateur Nite
Greeting from Yreka,

We do not have any dance news to report. We are still hoping and waiting for Covid restrictions to ease or lift so that we can attempt to get back to dancing. As it looks now... mid February may be our first attempt at dancing. I assume most everyone knows our dances are held at Evergreen Elementary School so we are still at the mercy of school restrictions and regulations Our classes and workshops were being held at the Karuk Wellness Center, but they are also under certain restrictions which prevent us from dancing. Speaking for Sherrie and I, we sure do miss dancing, and we too will As we approach the end of this crazy year we want to wish everyone a happy, safe, and healthy holiday season.

Star Promenaders - Link
The Stars are still waiting to get back to dancing. We look forward to getting back on dance floor and hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.

South Coast Council
No council news received.
Beachcombers - Link
No club news received.
Crook County Mavericks
No club news received.
Saints-N-Aints - Link
No club news received.
Sets In Order - Link
No club news received.

Tualatin Valley Council - Link
A note from Mike St.Clair, President of TVC: "There isn’t a lot going on right know as most of you know. The good news is that the vaccine for the pandemic is getting closer. The bad news is that is going to take a while for life to get back to some what normal so we just need to hang in there and before we know we will be dancing again. I cant believe it has been almost a year since we last had a dance. Hope everyone is doing well and had wonderful holidays. As the vaccine rolls out we will try to keep everybody update on how that will affect all of us.

There has been some round dancing on a limited basis and some clubs looking at the first of the year trying to get together again on a limited basis. We will keep everyone up on what is going on. Keep In Touch and hope to see you all sooner rather than later. Missing all of you, Mike"

Normally the January TVC report would include a list of council clubs that were going dark for Mid Winter Festival. It is too bad that I cannot report this again for 2021. Maybe next year... Remember to contact the Mid Winter organizers and roll your 2021 registration over to 2022.

Ferrous Steinka

Columbia River Dancers - Link
It was the month after Christmas and nary a dance

With the Covid near why take a chance,

The vaccine is coming and then we’ll dance.

We’ll swing our partner and square thru four,

And pant and puff and dance some more.

We wish we had all the answers. Until then stay safe. From your friends at The Columbia River Dancers.

Nick Johnson

Eager Beavers - Link
Happy New Year! There are no mistakes in 2021 yet but I suspect there is some creative person out there working hard to create one. I just hope it is a minor one.

A brave new year is beginning. I think most of us are glad that 2020 is over.

Did any of us have plans for 2020 that were not turned topsy turvy? I was force to cancel a trip to England planned since 2015 for a family reunion. If you are reading this then you are a survivor of one heck of a stressful year and for that we should thankful.

You have suffered a year of politics like no other, a pandemic, and dance deprivation, but endured. Give yourself a hug and say “congratulations to me” and remember “if it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger”. I am not sure I believe that old saying.

If you find you are still angry about someone or thing you have a choice to make. You can look for a way to fix it or carry a grudge. Carrying a grudge only hurts one person, you. The ‘grudgee’ does not even know it exists. Resolve that in 2021 you will reach out to someone to tear down the wall between you. One by one you and I can make 2021 a good year to remember.

I know it will be a good year when we get back to dancing. I know we will. Already there is a vaccine coming out that will protect us. It will take time but we will dance again.

Do not just hope for a better year, be part of the process. Keep the faith and keep checking for our start date at www.EagerBeavers.info.

Rachel Nettleton

January 1 (1st Fri)
Happy New Year
After Covid we will dance every Monday again
Aloha Grange, Aloha
Caller: Hattrick, Clendenin & Kalmbach
View Flyer
Hayshakers - Link
No club news received.
Hoedowners - Link
Well, here it is December already. I am feeling optimistic because November only had 30 days unlike October which had 31 plus an extra hour with daylight savings and I know next month we will start gaining daylight. Woohoo!

What new and exciting things happened in November? I discovered that I can ask Alexa to play music from a specific year. If you have an Alexa, Google Nest or even an iPhone with Siri, you can ask them the same thing. I started with 1950 and each day asked for the next year. I heard lots of standards but some surprises too. I heard Blue Velvet as a hit in 1955. We all know Bobby Vinton made Blue Velvet a hit in 1963 duh! Turns out it reached #14 in 1955 recorded by The Clovers, an R&B group, and Tony Bennett recorded it even earlier in 1950.

There was way less Perry Como, Dean Martin and the other crooners in the 50’s then I imagined but the surprise was the amount of country. Much of it had the twangy sound. Yep, Hank Williams and Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Hank Snow, Ernest Tubb, etc. If you Google country hits of the 50’s, you’ll see a list of the standards. Folks were listening to the Grand Ole Opry on the radio and putting their dimes in the jukebox. Tennessee Ernie Ford had his TV show and who didn’t learn the words to Sixteen Tons? All that music was part of the surge in popularity of our favorite hobby, SQUARE DANCING. Country music is as popular as ever. It even has its own television network so I’m thinking the music industry is still making the kind of music we like to dance to. Here at the Hoedowners, we seem to be chugging along donating to the Grange Christmas Family and waiting for the Covid-19 numbers to go down and the restrictions to lift. I go to the Aloha Grange occasionally to drop things off etc. and I can tell she is mighty lonely. I sometimes switch on the lights in the ballroom just to see how she’s looking. Can’t wait to turn on the music and twirl.

Krystal Laas

Mix N Mingle - Link
We all seemed to find a different way to make "ringing in the new year” special, and although there’s very little happening right now with the M&M’s (much like your with clubs), we have high hopes as to what 2021 will bring. With the promise of available vaccines, maybe we will be able to gather again in the foreseeable future. Fingers and everything else crossed!

We will keep you updated on calendar changes thru this OFN report as well as our website: www.mixandminglesquares.org

Lindie Noonan

Oak Hills Squares - Link
No club news received.
R Square D - Link
Blessings and joy to all our friends from R Square D as we move into 2021.

Happy New Year,

Annie Tietze

Sunset Promenaders - Link
No club news received.
Toe Draggers - Link
Since there's not much clubs news, we thought we would update you about our dear caller, KC Curtis. KC had the misfortune of being hospitalized with the coronavirus in October. Ten others at his church also caught the virus, but he was the only one hospitalized. KC was given the same medicine the President had (Regeneron) and it turned the virus around 180 degrees. He went home after 3 days in isolation, feeling exhausted but recovering. Then, just when he was feeling like doing almost normal things, he went back to the hospital with a UTI that turned into a staph infection. With high doses of antibiotics, he was sent home five days later but had to give himself IV infusions 3 times a day for 2 weeks. Fortunately, he's now recovering nicely and driving Linda crazy. In KC's words, "I am feeling very mean and ornery so I must be doing pretty good."

Tim Roberts

Tri Squares - Link
We've been having bi-monthly Zoom board meetings for a while, since "business" is so small. But we also decided to have a full-membership Zoom meeting, every third Monday evening of each month, just to see everyone, and that's really been great! We catch up with each other and chat about what everyone's doing, which is...well...you know...in this pandemic, practically nothing! But it's funny how long you can enjoy chatting with your friends about nothing! Because it's just so good to see them. About half our members have shown up for our first two "gabfests" and we're looking forward to next month's. I'm hopeful that with the new vaccinations coming we might all be square dancing next fall!

So keep exercising and stay in shape.

Gloria Davis

Valley River Dancers - Link
No club news received.
Valley Squares - Link
We're all so anxious to get back to square dancing and back to a normal life it's a wonder we're not going crazy. I will be taking the vaccine when it is available to me just so I will know I can dance without worry. I hope everyone who dances gets the vaccine first as well. We need to protect each other. It still may take several months for everyone to get the vaccine.

The Callers are planning how to restart square dancing. So far they have come up with a plan of 49 calls to start and expand from there. I think we will progress rather fast although we may not remember immediately all the movements, we will, with a little practice, have retained a good deal of them. They have been in our brain for so long. I can't remember all the names of calls when asked, but when the Caller says them, I just do them, it's so ingrained.

Like everyone else, Valley Squares is remaining dark for now. Take care and get your vaccine.

Carolene Siebert

Wave Steppers - Link
No club news received.

Umpqua Area Council - Link
No council news received.
Buckeroo - Link
No club news received.
Dancing Friends - Link
No club news received.
Timber 8's - Link
No club news received.

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